8 strategies for more mental strength

Successful people have one thing in common: inner strength. Mental strength and resilience are essential for our well-being and success

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A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Many people have internalized this saying so much that it is not surprising that most people's New Year's resolutions are based on physical Fitness lie. A Nielson's study About the typical New Years resolutions shows that 37% of people are fit and healthy want to stay and lose 32% weight.

But not even 10% of people make it Resolutions to implement permanently. Because they often lack mental strength. Amy Morin, American psychotherapist and expert on mental strength, knows that it is the key to much more. It is crucial for strength of character, courage, self-discipline, delayed gratification and perseverance. The author of "13 Things That Mentally Strong People DO NOT" has developed simple strategies through which everyone can strengthen their mental muscles and discard negative behavior and thought patterns, such as sinking into self-pity immediately SUCCESS to expect or to fear being alone.

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8 strategies for mental strength

Consciously reflect 5 minutes every day

Only a few minutes of deliberate rest, can replenish the power reserves.Time to reflect on the personal development: What has been achieved and what you want to do better. It helps to gain clarity, to motivate and to set new goals. Elements of mediation can help here.

To face new challenges

New challenges grow and they offer the chance to develop a new self-image. Do something new once a month, be it a sailing license course or joining a charitable organization. The important thing is to step out of the routine and its usual comfort zone. Looking forward to change and defeating fears makes you happy and successful.

Two minutes of gratitude

Not only remembering each day what you are grateful for, but writing yourself down to change the world view. Regularly write down three things for which one is grateful. This affirmative sensation has many beneficial effects, ranging from better sleep to reduced mental stress.

Self-love for the body and mind

Taking care of yourself is not a B-priority. Sleep, sport, healthy food and peace of mind are the fuel with which our engines run. The goal is physical health and lasting well-being. Short-term overloading workout programs for the bikini figure should therefore be avoided.

Defeat the inner critic

No one likes to be criticized. That's why you should not do this yourself. Instead, it is important to be proud of small achievements and to treat each other with love. "Well done." You can say that regularly without a guilty conscience. Feelings can be shown and named. Even if it is often difficult for the public, you should at least be open and honest with yourself.

Concrete plans for dreams

At some point is not in the calendar. Therefore, it means for big dreams: plan and implement. Who notes his dreams as a destination in the calendar, makes them concrete and achievable. If the goal is not yet tangible, then you can at least start with the research or an introductory book.

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Time for friends and family

Sharing feelings, exchanging experiences, laughing together - sharing life with friends and family is essential for our feelings of happiness. A study by Oxford University found that people with a large circle of friends can endure more pain. People who spend a lot of time with loved ones release more endorphins, which have a pain-relieving effect and thus promote mental and physical health.

Set and uphold personal values

A fulfilled life is determined by good values. Lifestyle and personal values ​​should be in harmony. If this is not the case, a change in lifestyle is probably necessary. This does not happen overnight, but a little bit every day. For example, it can be started by giving up a bad habit. Living by one's own values ​​is central to providing security and taking full advantage of one's own potential.


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