Artificial Christmas tree like real: 7 ideas for alternatives

Creative ideas and alternatives for fir trees and why the real fir tree is less sustainable

Artificial christmas tree like real

Author: Annika Grunert

For the majority of Germans belongs to Feast of love a Christmas tree too. Adorned with balls, candles, reindeer and bells, the spruce and fir trees look beautiful, but when it comes to the ecological balance they cannot shine. This applies to both Real wood trees as well as for their relatives plastic. That's why we've collected eight ideas for an artificial Christmas tree that looks like real. Before that, we'll reveal why conventional fir trees are not sustainable.

Which Christmas tree is sustainable?

Nordmann fir

The Nordmann fir is the most common in German living rooms and the blue fir is the second most popular. Originally both are not from Germany, but one from the Caucasus and the other from the USA. We have numerous plantations that grow the Christmas trees especially, but herbicides and pesticides, among other things, are used and this harms the ecosystem and brings chemistry into our four walls.

Organic fir tree

A Christmas tree from the forest sounds better - at least at first glance. Because, on the one hand, you can't just cut a tree and, on the other hand, we need fir trees and the like so that they store carbon. The organic Christmas trees are mostly grown on special areas and carry seals such as FSC, Bioland or PEFC. Unfortunately, these trees are also disposed of after Christmas.

Plastic Christmas tree

That leaves the artificial Christmas tree made of plastic. But that's not a good alternative either. After all, the production process already represents an environmental burden. Of course, these specimens usually last a long time, but their disposal is usually not very environmentally friendly either.

You don't have to do without a Christmas tree. Here are our eight alternatives for a real artificial Christmas tree.

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8 alternatives for beautiful Christmas trees

1. Habitree

It's not an artificial Christmas tree. The Danish company Habitree produces sustainable Christmas trees made of wood in different sizes and colors and received the Europe Design Award for this. All trees bear the FSC seal and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The wooden trees can be individually decorated with candles, figures or Christmas balls.

Artificial Christmas tree like real - Habitree tree made of wood

Source and copyright by Habitree

2. Stainless steel tree by Alessi

The "Bark for Christmas" by Alessi is made of stainless steel (height: 45 cm, width: 14 cm, length: 35,5 cm) and is available in different colors. With the magnets made of porcelain, the artificial Christmas tree can be individually decorated as if it were real, for example with photos.

Artificial Christmas tree like real - Alessi bark for Christmas metal tree

Source and copyright by Alessi

3. Christmas tree in a pot / Christmas tree rental

There are now more and more providers in Germany where you can borrow a Christmas tree. How about, for example, a Christmas tree in a pot? After the holidays, it is simply returned and then borrowed again for the next Christmas. You can find more information here

4. Decorate a houseplant or tree

It doesn't always have to be something new: if you want a really sustainable Christmas tree, you can easily fall back on the existing one. It doesn't matter whether it is a fir, spruce, ivy, palm or something similar. Everyone who has a plant or a tree at home decorates it lovingly and thus easily converts it into a Christmas tree.

5. Lia Griffith Christmas Tree

Various colors, shapes and materials for sustainable Christmas trees can be found at Lia Griffith. The Craft Paper Christmas Tree, for example, is a specialty: This artificial Christmas tree is made of paper. The size can be determined individually and it is simply hung up.

Real artificial Christmas tree - Liah Griffith Kraft Paper Tree

Source and copyright by Liah Griffith

6. DIY Christmas tree made from driftwood

If you don't just want a sustainable Christmas tree, but a very individual one, do it yourself will probably fit. Driftwood is ideal for this, which can be easily collected. Then drill a few more holes, put a rod through them and connect the parts to each other and attach them to a base - done.

7. Fairybell Wall LED Tree

Artificial Christmas tree like a real one, that's how it works: A glowing LED Christmas tree from Fairybell. The Dutch company produces different versions, for example for the garden or the door. Suitable for inside and outside. The Fairybell Wall x-mas tree is particularly suitable for those who don't have that much space.

Artificial Christmas tree like real - Fairybell LED Christmas tree

Source & Copyright by Fairybell



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