Beatriz Morales stages sustainable art with “Where the Wild Things Grow”.

The Mexican artist Beatriz Morales shows her exhibition "Where the Wild Things Grow" - A homage to her origins, nature and craftsmanship

Beatrice Morales
Source & Copyright by Circle Culture Gallery

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  • Beatriz Morales shows exhibition Where the wild things grow from October 06th to 16th in Hamburg
  • The Mexican artist places her artistic focus on sustainable raw materials: agave fibers
  • Her multidisciplinary work celebrates multinationality, identity and nature

The Circle Culture Gallery is presenting the textile works of the Mexican artist Beatriz Morales in Hamburg for the first time. From October 06th to 16th her works will be on display as part of the exhibition Where the wild things grow presented in the Barlach Hall K of the Hanseatic city. More precisely, it is an impressive room installation and canvas works from Morales' series Sounds I'll Never Hear.

The interplay of textile components and painting is considered the signature style of the artist. And also sound art, created in cooperation with the British film composer Sion Trefor, is part of the exhibition. However, there is a special new focus: the reinterpretation of one of the traditional raw materials of the Mayan culture, the agave fiber. Thus, the Female Artist proves that nature is not only an inspiration, but also part and engine of modernity art can be.

Beatriz Morales: Art as an expression of identity and nature

Beatriz Morales was born in Mexico City in 1981 and now works both in her home country and in Berlin. After a series of international exhibitions that showcased her artistic skills in the fields of painting, textile art-installation and video art, interest in the work of the self-taught and multidisciplinary artist grew continuously.

Beatriz Morales Sounds_I_Will_Never_Hear

Source & Copyright by Circle Culture Gallery | Beatriz Morales: Sounds I'll Never Hear

A central theme of her work: the question of Identity. So it's no surprise that Morales, who has Lebanese roots, works with a wide range of techniques and illuminates multinational complexity throughout her work. She also manifests her own search for identity through a constant contrast between urban and nature-related influences.

These two poles contextualize each other: In Morales' approach, nature is not only a source of raw materials and pigments, but is understood as the natural habitat of the works. Her artworks, although abstract, fit seamlessly into the environment that inspired their creation. art and nature reflect and complement each other, the dividing lines between natural-organic presence and abstract composition dissolve.

A tribute to natural raw materials and local craftsmanship

For her textile installation Where the wild things grow Morales uses fibers from the agave. A raw material that has been used in Mexico for thousands of years - or was used until it was replaced by synthetic materials during the industrial revolution. Today experienced the plant fiber thanks to the reinterpretation of Morales a revival.


Source & Copyright by Circle Culture Gallery | Beatrice Morales

Her compositions transport an archaic power that bursts into the exhibition space like colorful cascades of three-dimensional brushstrokes. Fiber art with historical associations Crafts and local traditions meets the compositional gesture of Abstract Expressionism - to generate symbiosis and tension at the same time.

The title of the series of textile artworks, Ts'ul, is an indigenous Maya word of southern Mexico. The origin of the fibers. Translated, it means something like "the other / stranger / foreigner". And thus clearly points to the conceptual foundation of the artist - to her examination of the properties and history of the raw materials used and her biographical reflection.

Internationally acclaimed: exhibitions by Beatriz Morales

Before the exhibition in Hamburg, Morales celebrated a sold-out solo exhibition at the Circle Culture Gallery Berlin. However, the artist also shows her works in international art houses. These include the Museo de la Cancillería Mexico City, the Museo Rufino Tamayo Mexico Cit and the Kunsthalle Dessau. In addition, her paintings and installations sublimate private collections in Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Canada and the USA. And the media also pays attention to Morales: her works have been discussed in numerous print and online publications as well as in the monograph “Color Archaeology”, published in 2022.


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