The ultimate X-Mas guide for sustainable gift ideas

Christmas is almost here. If you are looking for inspiration for suitable gifts, you will find individual gift ideas that give you and the receiver lasting enjoyment

sustainable Christmas gifts ideas and inspiration
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Christmas is the time to give away. We show our affection and give a thank you to our loved ones. However, if you don't feel like temporary gifts, here is the ultimate list for sustainable gift ideas. Presents that are fair, ethical and enjoyable beyond Christmas.

Here is our ultimate guide - 14 sustainable gift ideas:


1. Storytelling bag by Studio Gyzell

This leather bag is for women who are changing. For every pocket model from Studio Gyzell You can choose different attachments and create up to 30 different looks. Developed according to a holistic sustainability philosophy and handmade in Europe using carefully selected sustainable materials.

Studio Gyzell

Copyright by Studio Gyzell

2. Zero-waste cashmere scarf by Natascha von Hirschhausen

For the cold winter days a high quality cashmere scarf from Natasha von Hirschhausen, What is special: The premium scarves are made from recycled cashmere wool, handmade in the Berlin studio, 99% waste-free and CO2 neutral - that is radically sustainable.

Natasha of Hirschhausen

Copyright by Natascha von Hirschhausen

3. Yoga wear by OGNX

The Berlin label OGNX stands for an active and conscious lifestyle and offers Yoga Wear for sport and everyday life. Sustainably produced yoga and activewear for women and men. Alternative materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, polyamide or Lenzing Modal ™ are used. The label also attaches great importance to fair working conditions worldwide and an appropriate payment for all employees involved.


4. Clean perfumes by Timothy

A seductive perfume is always a nice gift. Choose this year Clean perfume: For example, Timothy Parfum offers natural fragrances that are also suitable for vegans. The perfume stands for literature and poetry, explicitly dispenses with animal musk and also campaigns for sustainable awareness in the luxury industry.

natural fragrances

Copyright by Timothy Parfum

5. Skincare by Bioeffect

Do you also want innovative cosmetics? BIOEFFECT Skincare was founded by three Icelandic researchers, consisting of the plant-based replica of body-identical growth factor (EGF). A gift idea for him or her. The product has also received international awards for its effectiveness. Barley is the basic raw material for the serum and is grown in a 2200 square meter passive greenhouse in Iceland. The EGF serum consists of only 7 ingredients.


Copyright by Bioeffect


6. Second Life-Cycle Gold from Capolavoro

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. Jewelry is one of the classic gift ideas, especially for lovers. Emotions and memories are often related to a piece of jewelry. Ethics is becoming an increasingly important topic, especially in the jewelry industry. This year, therefore, rely on ethical gold and fair gemstones.

For example from the family company found Capolavoro, whose gold comes exclusively from Second Life Cycle Gold, i.e. recycled precious metals. All gemstones and diamonds also come from fair trade mines.


Copyright by Capolavoro

7. Lab Grown Diamonds by Lark & ​​Berry

Those who like it innovative rely on the jewelry store Lark & ​​Berry from UK. The young label uses only laboratory diamonds, which means that all diamonds are grown in the laboratory using an innovative technological process. The designs are luxurious and modern.

Lark & ​​Berry

Copyright by Lark & ​​Berry


8. Custom-made luxury watches by Baume

The luxury watch brand Baume has set itself the mission of creating "designs for a better tomorrow". Transparency, careful design and social engagement are particularly emphasized.

For each watch sold, Baume donates 2% of the value of the goods to the organization Waste Free Ocean. With a made-to-order approach and the use of sustainable and recycled materials, the company also minimizes its ecological footprint and takes a stand against mass production.

9. Award-winning Boar Premium Gin

A nice gin for the gentleman. Those who have a choice are spoiled for choice, because the selection of German premium gin is pretty large. Choose the award-winning Boar Gin from the small family distillery in the Black Forest.

The recipe for success: the gin is harmonized by an innovative process with the addition of Black Forest truffles. The truffle comes from cultivated cultivation. In addition, all products are handmade and made in small batches. The German Agricultural Society therefore voted Boar Gin the best gin in Germany.

10. Techphone by Fairphone

This new phone is 100% made to Fairtrade standards. The Dutch company differentiates itself from Apple iPhone and Co., which are increasingly criticized for their controversial manufacturing conditions. The third generation of the Fairphone is narrower, lasts longer and is designed so that it can also be repaired. The aim is also to minimize CO2 emissions along the production and supply chain.

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Did you know there is gold in your phone? 75% of the world's gold supply is mined, with 90% of the miners working in artisanal mines. With Fairphone 3, we're scaling up responsible gold sourcing. Join us in making a change. #DareToCare Every material in your smartphone has its own story to tell. Since Fairphone began, we've been helping to shed light on those stories, by mapping our supply chain, tracking what's used in our products and making step-by-step improvements. Gold is one of our key focus materials - an essential, but problematic material for the electronics industry. Read all about the scalable model we created with @fairtradeuk, Valcambi and our supply chain partners >> link in bio.

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11. Design for the children's room by Ecobirdy

A great and varied idea for children: interior products from Ecobirdy, A chair, a table or a lamp can set accents in the children's room and are also fun. Because Ecobirdy's products come from recycled, discarded plastic toys. This creates individual and colorful designer pieces without chemical color addition. An award-winning and innovative design with an educational background.


Copyright by Ecobirdy

12. Sponsorship for animals with WWF

Become a sponsor of WWF projects. As a sponsor, you can support a WWF project permanently from just 50 cents a day. The WWF regularly offers deep insights into the projects: project employees are introduced and progress and successes are witnessed. This enables children in particular to discover new countries and habitats, animals, plants and cultures.


13. Minimalist home design by Atisan

Natural home accessories made from sustainable materials for an individual home from Atisan, The brand places a special focus on the value and origin of its handmade products. Plastic and chemical paints are also avoided. The wood also comes from certified sustainable forestry, for example mango wood is a by-product of the mango harvest.


Copyright by Atisan

14. Natural scented candles by L:A Bruket

The wax of these natural scented candles is made from organic soy with a burning time of more than 45 hours. The brand also offers mild soaps made from various natural and essential oils such as coconut, lavender or rosemary.

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Scented candles at LaBruket store Varberg!

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