These top athletes are committed to the environment

Sport connects generations, culture and promotes similarities. More and more athletes are aware of their influence on society. We show which top athletes are particularly committed to the environment.

Top athletes are committed to the environment
Serena Williams Source: via Flickr Edwin Martinez

Sports events are very important in our society because they offer a wide range of experiences. Sport connects generations, culture and promotes common ground. Especially through the influence of social media, athletes achieve a big one Community and become role models for entire generations.

More and more athletes are aware of this responsibility and promote social and sustainable projects. Even famous elite athletes are committed to the environment. They support communities, attend schools and some of them are dedicated to the environment.

These four top athletes are committed to the environment:

  1. Serena Williams
  2. Kelly Slater
  3. Ellen Mc Arthur
  4. Nico Rossberg

1 Serena Williams

Probably the greatest tennis player of all time, Serena Williams brings after twenty years of elite sports and entrepreneurship her first independent clothing line on the market. The brand "Serena" is based on vegan, pollution-free products made in the USA. At the same time, Williams, as a proponent of a plant-based diet, is investing in sustainable start-ups that want to reduce over-consumption of meat.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams, source: Edwin Martinez via Flickr

2. Kelly Salter

The youngest ever surfing world champion, Kelly Slater, is committed to protecting the oceans. In 2015 he founded his own Lifestyle-Brand Outerknown and realized his personal dream: "For years I have dreamed of establishing a brand that combines my love of clean seas, responsibility and style."

With innovative materials from recycled plastic from the oceans, he launched minimalist and sporty collections. The label builds on the slow-fashion movement in the fashion industry and inspires to rethink current consumer habits.

Top athletes championing the environment, Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, source: Rian Castillo via Flickr

3. Ellen McArthur

The British world record sailor Ellen McArthur founded in 2009 one of the most famous organization for the protection of the environment. The Ellen McArthur Foundation focuses primarily on the implementation of the circular economy. Their future-oriented foundation thus focuses on the regeneration of ecosystems, the rethinking of product designs and reuse.

Not only will resource use be minimized, but it will also generate significant social and economic benefits. Sustainable management aims to reduce waste and also stop the massive waste of finite resources.

4. Nico Rosberg

The 34-year-old World Champion Nico Rosberg finished his successful Formula 2016 career in 1 and since then has been dedicated to projects in the spirit of the Sustainability, Rosberg first launched the Greentech Festival this year, thereby promoting sustainable initiatives in the field of technology and innovation.

Within this framework, green future technologies from the areas of lifestyle, mobility, food and energy were presented for the first time at the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport. These included, for example, spectacular autonomous drone taxis, a Formula E race and Smart City initiatives. Thus, Nico Rosberg has made the green technology an experience for everyone.

Top athletes are committed to the environment, Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg Greentech Festival Berlin

Olympia and Wimbledon through the ages

Not only top athletes are committed to the environment, meanwhile Organizers of sports events also strive for a sustainable implementation of their events. These include initiatives to reduce waste, save energy, avoid plastic and much more. DThe new Olympic headquarters in Lausanne even insisted on sustainable architecture in every respect:

Environmentally friendly, innovative and energy-saving, the BREEAM-certified green building was opened at the beginning of 2019. In addition, the Wimbledon Championships this year have joined the United Nations Framework Program for Action to Combat Climate Change. Tprofound change in the field of sport for positive change.

Top athletes championing the environment, Olympic HQ

Olympia Headquarters Lausanne, source: adam mørk / international olympic committee (IOC)


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