Go green in the bathroom - morning rituals for body and the environment

Welcome to your personal natural body spa: Morning rituals can work wonders in health. We show which daily routines protect our planet and inspire the body

Go green bath, sustainable bath, morning rituals

Morning rituals or a so-called morning routine are not only something for stars and celebrities, but everyone can easily implement them at home. With simple processes demonstrably improving the body feeling and at the same time the Environment help. It's very easy, we show how sustainability in the Bathroom looks like:

Natural body spa routine: The best morning rituals for the body and the environment

1. Cold shower

Good for the body

Alternating showers get the cycle going, promote blood circulation and thereby wake you up. Thus, you have a fresh start to your day. Even if it takes overcoming, it's worth it. Start with warm water and then slowly cool the water down. Then, alternately shower your body and legs with warm and cold water.

Good for the environment

Drinking water is actually still largely used for shower and toilet flushing. For new buildings, therefore, solutions are increasingly being used to operate the toilet flush with rainwater. The latest generation of shower heads even saves over 50% water by adding simple air, e.g. from Duravit or Grohe. This fairly simple investment is worthwhile.

Go Green Bad, morning rituals

2. Care for you

Good for the body

Enjoy a mini wellness treatment every day with high-quality care products. Essential oils based on nature can have a calming or invigorating effect. Avoid parabens, silicones and microplastics in cosmetics with Clean Beauty products and natural cosmetics.

Fair production without animal testing is also a must. Often, for example, the animal product musk is found in perfumes. Can be dispensed with if you are for Clean perfumes decides.

Good for the environment

Environmentally friendly products are characterized by three characteristics: the packaging, the ingredients and sustainable production. Recycled, reusable containers or unpackaged products are very popular.

Long transport routes can also be avoided with products made in Germany. Microplastics in cosmetics is known to end up in the Ocean, The origin is petroleum-based surfactants and synthetic additives. These are mainly found in conditioners, shower rooms and scrubs.

3. Natural bathroom accessories

Good for the body

Just take the time to cleanse your face every day. This can also be a morning ritual so that the day begins without hectic. Use reusable make-up removal pads and bathroom textiles made from natural materials. These are cuddly soft to the skin and absorb water effectively.

Good for the environment

A sustainable bathroom naturally includes textiles made of cotton, linen and bamboo. As is well known, these are preferable to polyester. Because here, too, microplastics are included that get into the oceans through washing. If you use Q-tips, you can quickly get used to the variant made from recycled paper or bamboo. The new reusable alternative made of silicone, for example from LastSwab, is innovative.

4. Cut down power

Good for the body

Hot hair dryer, straightening iron, curling iron, it doesn't always have to be. Just shift down a gear - the hair dryer, for example, doesn't always have to be on the highest level. The scalp and hair will appreciate moderate use as well.

Good for the environment

Particularly strong heat also requires a lot of electricity. Saving electricity through modern energy-saving technologies such as smart metering or simple LED. It is also traditionally shaved and trimmed again. Maybe a nice razor will soon replace the electric shaver at home.

5. Less-waste bathroom

Good for the body

Not a morning ritual, but you only really feel good in a clean bathroom. Avoid chemical cleaning agents and synthetic fragrances when keeping them clean. These can cause allergic reactions and irritation to the respiratory tract. This includes solvents, brighteners and plasticizers.

However, there are now many plant-based cleaners that do not use substances with toxic gases, for example from the well-known brand seventh generation.

Good for the environment

Less waste in the bathroom therefore works with ecological and fair cleaning aids. Home remedies such as baking soda, lemon and vinegar are also welcome alternatives. When everything flashes in the end and many plastic bottles have disappeared, it's time for a candle with your favorite scent.


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