Shampoo Bar Or Hair Soap - Top Tips For Washing Hair With Soap

Washing hair with soap is trendy. We'll show you how to gently and gently clean your hair - without palm oil and plastic-free

Author: Talisa Moser

Wash your hair with soap? For a long time that sounded strange to many. But the trend towards shampooing without Shampoo is becoming more popular. This is also shown by the "no-poo movement", for which more and more people are campaigning on social media.

Rightly so, because washing your hair with soap has many advantages - for your own health and the environment. But what are the advantages of hair soap, how do you wash your hair with soap and what are the best brands? You can find out here:

Washing hair with soap: what are the options?

  • Solid shampoo: Is a more environmentally friendly alternative to liquid shampoos in bottles, because above all the plastic in the bottles is eliminated. Nevertheless, they often consist of various surfactants and synthetic fragrances and dyes. It is therefore better to use nature-based products here.
  • Hair soap: Based on vegetable fats and oils made with lye. The pH value is basic compared to shampoos, which is much gentler on the hair and scalp. However, this also means that the hair can become a bit dull at the beginning of the application and, with some hair types, feel unusually grippy.
  • Acid rinse: If you have problems with shaggy or unruly hair when washing with hair soap, you can use what is known as an acidic rinse - a natural hair conditioner in the acidic pH range. It consists of water and a good dash of vinegar or lemon juice.

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10 benefits of using hair soap

  1. No microplastics: In most cases there is nothing in hair soaps from natural cosmetics micro plastic
  2. Less packaging: Hair soaps are usually only sold in a piece of paper or even unpacked
  3. Natural Ingredients: Hair soaps from the Natural cosmetics are based on ecological ingredients such as vegetable oils
  4. Less ingredients: Compared to shampoos, hair soaps usually contain fewer ingredients
  5. No artificial chemistry: Hair soaps rarely contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, silicones, parabens, surfactants or synthetic fragrances
  6. Beautiful hair: Washing hair with soap promises well-groomed, healthy and shiny hair for most hair types, without being greasy
  7. Gentle on the scalp: Problems such as itching or dandruff may be eliminated if you wash your hair with soap
  8. More productive than shampoos: For example, a 100 gram block can replace up to 300 ml of liquid shampoo
  9. Perfect travel companion: Hair soaps are compact and light and cannot leak
  10. Biodegradable: With its natural ingredients, the soap can easily go down the drain without harming the environment

Wash hair with soap, best hair soap

How it works: washing hair with soap instructions

You have to get used to washing your hair with soap first, no question about it. But once you get the hang of it, it's really not difficult:

1. The hair has to be very, very wet for the soap to foam and spread smoothly through the hair. So hold your head under the water jet for a few seconds and moisten the soap before using it.

2. You can either pre-foam the hair soap in your hand or distribute it directly into your hair. First massage the soap in a circular motion over the head - especially on very greasy areas such as the back of the head, as well as the neck and temples.

3. Now lather up the hair soap neatly at the hairline with your hands. Gently massage your hair with your fingers until a soft, white foam is formed. This usually takes about 30 seconds. The head in particular should be well lathered, the lengths play a less important role when washing hair with soap.

4. Then the hair is rinsed sufficiently with warm water to really remove all soap residue. Again, massage the scalp with your fingers. If you want, you can finally rinse your hair with cold water to smooth the hair shaft - and your hair wash is done.

5. Insider tip sour rinse: For more shine and to make combing easier, rinse your hair with an acid rinse after the actual hair wash. One liter of cold water is mixed with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Massage in briefly and, if necessary, for example with dry and dull hair, rinse out briefly. Don't worry, the vinegar smell will go away after drying.

The best brands for hair soap without palm oil and microplastics

The market for hair soaps is now huge. That's why we have the best Brands for hair soaps without palm oil and microplastics selected for you:

1. Puremetics

Puremetics stands for products without plastic, questionable ingredients and animal suffering. The label from northern Germany produces its hair soaps using the cold process - it takes longer, but the caring substances are retained in the product. The hair soaps are all silicone-free as well as parabens, microplastics and palm oil and are 100% cruelty free produced.

Wash hair with soap, best hair soap puremetics

Image source & copyright by Puremetics

2. Arencia

The Korean beauty label Arencia manufactures cosmetic products that should help the body to generate and care for itself. The hair soaps are therefore plant-based and are packaged plastic-free. From greasy and flaky to dry and shaggy: eight varieties are now available for different hair types. Another benefit: The hair soaps can also be used as body soaps.

Wash hair with soap, best hair soap arencia

Image source & Copyright by by Arencia


3. Goldconda

The Hamburg company Goldconda would like to bring the traditional care products back up to date with their hair and shower soaps. With a maturing time of eight weeks, Goldconda hair soaps are handcrafted in Europe. Sustainably packaged in a jute bag and guaranteed palm oil-free.

Wash hair with soap, best hair soap golconda

Image source & copyright by Golconda

4. Terrorists of Beauty

Terrorists of Beauty wants to defy the previously prevailing laws of the beauty industry: The label from Hamburg produces plastic-free unisex soaps for face, body and hair. The products all meet the ncs natural cosmetics standards, are vegan and are produced by hand in Germany.

Wash hair with soap, best hair soap terrorists of beauty

Image source & copyright by Terrorists of Beauty

5. Finigrana natural cosmetics

The North Rhine-Westphalian company has been dedicated to this for over 40 years Finigrana the topic of organic and natural cosmetics. The products are all handcrafted without water or alcohol and are 100% sustainable and vegan. The hair soaps are made from olive, coconut, laurel, almond and wheat germ oil, supplemented with essential oils and are dermatologically tested - for gentle cleaning and care of hair and scalp.

Wash hair with soap as a no-poo light touch

Less plastic waste, natural cleaning properties and a cheap, economical alternative: all of this is promised by the no-poo movement (no-shampoo). Cleaning with hair soap is just one of many other ways to wash your hair in the most natural way. But this natural cleaning effect is not enough for all. Especially after exercising or on particularly warm days, you might miss the feeling of freshly washed hair with conventional shampoo. Because for many, a lot of foam and a strongly perfumed product are part of the feeling of cleanliness.

Washing hair with soap can have a positive effect on the hair if the composition and use are correct. Not only does the hair find its way back to its natural condition, the switch to hair soap is a step back to nature - and precisely because of this, one more reason for many to at least give it a try. The switch is not easy for many, but patience can pay off with this no-poo method.


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