The female career festival KOA celebrates inclusion & empowerment

Valuable insights, a strong female community and undiscovered career opportunities - everything about KOA Berlin and its potential

Source & Copyright by KOA Berlin / KOA 2022

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  • KOA, the female career festival, takes place from 15.06. to 16.06.2023 in Berlin TXL
  • Interactive formats and motivating live talks on topics related to female empowerment, especially in working life
  • Companies and talents benefit from networking, undiscovered potential and new know-how

After the KOA took place for the first time last year in cooperation with the Greentech Festival, the female career festival is entering its second round from June 15th to 16th. As a platform for female empowerment and employer branding, the KOA creates a space that breaks through static HR structures and provides new impetus for innovative ways of recruiting. To be more precise, the festival brings together industry leaders, companies, hidden champions and motivated talents to focus on female careers and disruptive formats.

The goal: open up opportunities, make direct discussions accessible and mobilize valuable potential. The KOA thus offers its participants a win-win situation. Talent can enter through doors traditionally closed to them due to impenetrable market structures. On the other hand, companies can expand their female talent pool and discover forces that fit their culture. Founder Tamara Schenk has not only succeeded in simplifying the job search process online and offline, but also in democratizing it.

Current and relevant: KOA as a symbol of the zeitgeist

As a result of these rigid structures, generational change and the war for talent have led to female empowerment becoming a buzzword or even a USP of companies in recent years. Often, however, it is not a matter of far-reaching structural changes and credible commitment, but of lip service and marketing stunts. Away from the actual will to discover and mobilize the potential of female talent. Authenticity, engagement and collaboration are more important than ever to set new standards for how talent and companies come together. Which underlines the relevance of KOA - as a zeitgeist and future platform.

Whether talk, master class or Q&A - interaction and inspiration for female empowerment

Specifically, KOA Berlin translates this mission into interactive formats such as inspiring talks, master classes, live podcasts, Q&As on the topics of applications, salary negotiations and career opportunities, as well as speed dating sessions. These replace meaningless small talk with authentic conversations between participants, recruiters and companies.

Koa roads to success

Source & Copyright by KOA Berlin / KOA 2022

Highlights of learnings that future-proof organizations and empower talent include:

  • Inspirational talk with Cloudy Zakrocki
  • New work = no work? with Lorenz Illing, Dr. Mareike Awe, Annette Rompel and Business Punk
  • How to get to the top in a male-dominated industry with Anna Sophie Herken, Natalya Nepomnyashcha and Dr. Aylin Karabulut
  • From hidden figures to visible leaders: What you can learn from visible women with Christina Richter
  • (Reverse) Mentoring - why age matters! with Anastasia Barner
  • Recruiting demystified - insider tips for successful applications with Annika Reinke

KOA 2023: Participate and drive change

Are you interested in taking your career to the next level, discovering new job opportunities, enriching your network with valuable industry contacts and becoming part of or supporting a strong community of female talent? Then secure yourself now your ticket for the KOA Berlin 2023 and get 20% discount with the code Eden20.

The way we structure our jobs also defines our economy and society in general. Our appeal: together for the vision that female empowerment is not a trend, but rather becomes the norm.


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