Easy Guide: Top 5 Must-Have Brands for a Minimalist Backpack

Backpacks are practical and can also be really stylish. For example in minimalist design. We show our top 5 brands for your minimalist backpack

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Minimalism has multiple applications and associated meanings. Yet, across various fields from art to lifestyle, minimalism translates into simplicity of design and expression. As we set to find the perfect minimalist backpack, we need to ask: what are minimalism and minimalist design?

Origin of the minimalist philosophy of life

To get to the roots, we need to go back thousands of years. Even if not categorised as such at the time, practices that focused on reducing activity, material possessions, and waste in certain areas fit in the under the minimalism umbrella. For instance, traditional Buddhists monks live very simply and avoid clinging onto objects due to their belief that everything is impermanent.

I In our modern lifestyles, we adopt minimalism as a philosophy for living with more intention and authenticity, as well as owning fewer materials possessions. It often involves a process of reprioritisation and decluttering to move away from consumerist tendencies.

Minimalism in fashion

In the apparel industry, the movement towards more conscious and eco-friendly production and consumption had beautifully blended with the simplicity inherent in minimalism. Eco-conscious purchase behaviour also avoids excess consumption and waste. Thus, minimalist solutions are finding traction with the new wave of sustainable fashion shoppers.


Furthermore, minimalist design helps strip away unnecessary features, giving it more utility and elegance instead. Again, we see the movement's focus on reprioritisation at work. With minimalist fashion, one moves away from ostentation, colourfulness, and standing out, towards a more humble display of clothes and accessories. In turn, the spotlight becomes the function of the product, although aesthetics, as we'll see next, does not disappear.

Minimalist backpack vs. Standard backpack

At this point, you might be wondering what difference minimalism makes to backpacks. What should you look for when choosing a minimalist backpack - and why?

Design features of a minimalist backpack

The most obvious difference between a standard and a minimalist backpack is in the design. Following the minimalism, these are clearer and more straightforward in their design. That means no complicated anatomies, no flashy colors, no obvious zippers, pockets or other accessories. In short: it's about simplicity. Standard backpacks, on the other hand, are available in all possible shapes, colors and sizes.

Some traditional backpacks are particularly made with fashion in mind. In these cases, appearance trumps function. This is hardly the case with minimalist backpacks, which are designed with performance in mind. They are often multifunctional and unisex, serving different purposes to reduce the need for purchasing more backpacks. Otherwise, they serve specific goals, such as mountaineering, and are equipped with the relevant features for the job. In both cases, minimalist, simple backpacks outshine standards ones with regards to function.

Top 5 minimalist backpack recommendations

If you're still undecided whether a minimalist backpack is a right choice for you, we've got your back! We've reviewed a whopping number of backpacks and have arrived at a list of top 5 most versatile minimalist backpacks, which satisfy different prices ranges. Lay back as we show you their unique features.

  1. Mismo, M / S Escape
  2. Nomatic travel bag
  3. Osprey Farpoint 40
  4. Incase Icon
  5. Ronacto Venice backpack

Brands for your minimalist backpack

Mismo, M / S Escape

Our first entry is an example of a sophisticated minimalist design but also offers practical features for city travels. The premium-priced backpack has a barrel shape and a folded top that closes gently and securely, yet with style. It is practical for journeys throughout the city, such as shopping, hence the special grocery pocket. It also features a laptop compartment and other internal pockets for different purposes.

Nomatic travel bag

As the name indicates, this minimalist design backpack is mainly created for travelling, hence the numerous compartments, including a shoe space and a TSA-ready laptop sleeve. The patented strap system is an innovative feature that allows you to carry the durable and water-resistant bag as both duffel and backpack. It has many other practical features, including a laundry bag.

Osprey Farpoint 40

This backpack in the Farpoint series is a delight for lightweight travel, both short term and long term. It features numerous specialised pockets and straps, including spaces for ID, electronics, sunglasses, emergency whistle, and bottle. Yet these features don't make it less comfortable to carry. Moreover, travellers have appreciated the backpack for its strength and durability.

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Incase Icon

The Icon backpack combines a stylish and elegant minimalist design with organisation and protection functions for your electronics and essentials. This minimalist backpack can be used for multiple purposes and is very comfortable, but one thing is clear: its numerous pockets will take care of all your tech gadgets and accessories.

Roncato Venice backpack

Another minimalist backpack that you'll want to take in your travels is the Roncato Venice. This particular one is more elegant but just as practical for short-term travel as the others. It has a roomy interior and many compartments and storage pockets for different items. It's also comfortable to wear due to extra padding and comes at an affordable price.


With our guide you will find the perfect backpack that combines your demands on design and functionality!


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