Morning rituals for more success in everyday life

Increased productivity, inner peace and clear structures accompany people with regular morning rituals through a successful working day.

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What do successful people like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs have in common? They have gotten used to a healthy morning routine that sets the tone for the whole day. In the morning, it's the best time to clear your mind for the day's program, to nourish the body and to become aware of the most important tasks. Those who take their time can significantly improve their performance.

A few simple morning rituals give strength for the whole day.

  1. Start the day early
    Stay away from the snooze button! The time at which the alarm rings will affect how one day passes. Anyone who goes to bed early in the evening and gets up early in the morning gets used to a day-night rhythm that is very beneficial for his health. The basic requirement for daytime performance is always sufficient sleep.
  2. Drink plenty of water
    A large glass of water with ginger and lemon helps to detoxify and to activate the circulation. The MindUnleashed recommends 640 ml of water in the first hours after getting up. This helps against dehydration and gives the body a real boost of energy.
  3. Sport machen
    Morning activity acts like a neural morning primer. Even a short workout of 5-10 minutes strengthens the nervous system, stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the body and brain. This effect also affects 4-10 hours later positively on the mind. A study by Appalachian State University proves that a morning exercise routine lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.
  4. Practice meditation and mindfulness
    Pause. A meditation helps to center and to refocus. Meditating stimulates creativity, supports memory and reduces stress. Especially before decisive appointments, it helps to reduce any fears and to tackle even difficult tasks without fear and motivation.
  5. Enjoy a balanced breakfast
    A healthy breakfast provides energy throughout the day. Within an hour of getting up, the body needs food. Dietary fiber, vitamin D and calcium as well as omega 3 fats are a great way to start the day. This combination of essential nutrients keeps blood sugar levels and energy levelslevel at a steady level.
  6. Keep diary and structure tasks
    Morning is the time for reflection. Those who keep a diary, record their thoughts and feelings in writing, will understand them better. The University of Rochester Medical Center states that keeping a journal helps identify the individual causes of stress and anxiety. Positive side effect: once the stress factors have been identified, you are already one step closer to solving the problem, which in turn also supports the reduction of stress. In addition, a clear list of the most important tasks of the day makes sense. In this way, you do not get into a state of excessive demand, but has an overview of its goals.


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