Sustainable outdoor brands - this season's must-haves

Climbing, skiing, surfing or hiking - outdoor clothing is a must have for leisure time - here is the top 5 for sustainable outdoor brands

Sustainable outdoor brands

Author: Hanna Lina Werner

Whether on a summer holiday by the sea or on a winter excursion to the ski area - outdoor clothing is a must have for leisure time. Especially when it comes to experiences in nature, clothing should also be in the interests of the environment. However, outdoor clothing is often made of synthetic high-tech materials. But there is another way: sustainable outdoor brands show how it is done. Here you will find the best brands in trend and everything you need to consider when choosing clothes.

Sustainable outdoor brands - this is what you should consider when choosing

The additional features, the outdoor as well sportswear most outdoor manufacturers are associated with materials that are particularly chemically contaminated. In contrast, sustainable outdoor brands inspire innovative fibers, the renunciation of toxic chemicals and particularly high quality, which gives your products an extreme longevity. The following tips will help you find the right sustainable brand for outdoor clothing.

Weighing high-tech functionalities:

Before choosing an item of clothing, check whether the often extreme high-tech functionalities match your requirements. If you only wear an outdoor jacket irregularly, you do not need any materials that are normally suitable for the needs of Extreme athletes were manufactured. Fewer high-tech materials and more nature-based materials are usually more gentle on them Environment.

Pay attention to the material composition:

There are now many sustainable outdoor brands that make their clothing Recycled fibers produce. By choosing such a product, you are making an enormous contribution to conserving resources. These substances are, for example, melted down PET bottles won. Even more innovative than Recycling materials, are fibers that can be recycled when disposed of, so that they can practically be processed directly into a new product.

Check garment for PFC:

To increase the water and dirt repellent function of their materials, some outdoor manufacturers use perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC). However, these chemicals have been linked to carcinogenic effects.

Prefer seasonless fashion:

Outdoor garments are most sustainable when they are worn for as long as possible and are not replaced by a new product after each season. Conversely, high quality ensures that outdoor clothing is durable.

Put on the appropriate seal:

High-quality outdoor brands regularly subject their products to critical tests in order to receive the appropriate textile seal. The so-called bluesign label guarantees a low-emission manufacturing process. But the “Green Button” is the first state seal to check social and ecological criteria in the Clothing industry.

These 5 sustainable outdoor brands impress with their quality and durability

  1. Patagonia
  2. Vaude
  3. PraAna
  4. Save the Duck
  5. Picture Organic

1. Patagonia

Patagonia is and will remain a major pioneer in sustainable outdoor clothing. With its diverse range of products, the brand offers outdoor clothing for all people who enjoy being in nature. In doing so, Patagonia also relies on numerous recycled materials natural fibersas Hemp or Organic cotton.

2. Vaude

The Vaude brand is committed to a world worth living in and focuses on the production of sustainable and fair-produced outdoor clothing that does not unnecessarily burden nature. Thinking ahead and acting with a heart play a central role.

3. PraAna

With a strong focus on yoga, the Californian outdoor brand PraAna offers a variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing from sports to everyday wear. In the production of its ecological clothing, the label mainly uses recycled fibers, but also hemp and organic cotton.

4. Save the Duck

The Italian outdoor brand Save the Duck shows respect for nature, the Respect for animals as well as respect for the health and well-being of customers at the center of the brand philosophy. With Save the Duck, you choose one vegan and cruelty-free Brand for ethically correct outdoor clothing.

5. Picture Organic

Picture Organic not only produces high-quality outdoor clothing for women, men and children, but also takes social and ecological responsibility. This concept is not only carried over to their products, but runs through the entire company. So the power supply is 100% on the use of renewable energies and in future no plastic will be used for packaging materials.

Sustainable outdoor brands - ready for anything

So there are many brands that manage to produce functionality and fairly produced products from non-chemical materials. These have become indispensable in the fashion landscape and pioneers in matters of sustainability.


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