Sustainable Advent calendar - this is how zero waste Christmas works

It doesn't always have to be chocolate. A sustainable advent calendar with individual gifts is a special joy and attention. We show the best ideas and designs

Sustainable advent calendar
Source & Copyright by Firm Living

December 1st is approaching and it is time for the door to open. A sustainable Advent calendar is filled with beautiful surprises year after year and always brings joy. Most conventional Advent calendars, on the other hand, are disposed of after Christmas.

Above all, the plastic molds it contains generate a lot of waste. Loud FEDERATION thus increase the scraps zu Christmas by around 20%. How good that there are numerous alternatives to the traditional chocolate calendar.

The nicest option for sustainable advent calendars are of course homemade Christmas calendars. However, if you don't have time to tinker, you can also get refillable and thus reusable calendars and personalize them Gifts complete.

Sustainable Advent Calendar - Our Top 6

1. Sustainable advent calendar with natural cosmetics

Cosmetic products in the advent calendar are a varied idea. Natural cosmetics for 24 daily care and wellness rituals. Lots Natural cosmetics brands therefore offer ready-made calendars especially for Christmas. These include, for example, La Mer, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Aqua di Parma, Dr. Hauschka or Lush.

sustainable advent calendar

Advent calendar from Dr. Barbara Sturm

2. Refillable canvas advent calendar

Simply attach the canvas calendar to the wall and fill 24 pockets yourself. This is a nice decorative element and can also be reused over the long term. For example, offers a sustainable advent calendar in this form Ferm Living made of 100% organic cotton.

sustainable advent calendar

Copyright by Ferm Living

3. Little bag calendar

Sustainable advent calendar with small bags. These come in many different shapes and colors. Suspended from a tree or attached to a string, nice surprises can be hidden. A creative product in Nordic design offers, for example Fabelab: A little story from Copenhagen is told with bags and figures made of organic cotton.

sustainable advent calendar

Copyright by Fabelab

4. Sustainable advent calendar as a scented candle

An advent calendar that conjured up a Christmas scent every day Ferm Living released this year. This "calenderly" has a long tradition in Denmark. Light every day and count the days until Christmas.

Scented candle advent calendar from Fermliving

Copyright by Ferm Living

5. Charity "Good deeds" Advent calendar

In which "Good Deeds" Advent Calendar is a calendar that promotes social projects worldwide. Behind every door there is a project that is implemented by purchasing the calendar. Thus you support with 24 euros, worldwide projects in the categories health, environment, education and supply.

advent Calendar

Copyright by 24 Good Deeds

6. Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Calendar

If you want chocolate, look out for fair trade or organic chocolate. The classic is fair and organic, for example from Divine, a pioneer in fair trade. Divine chocolate stands for fair working conditions and social support.

sustainable advent calendar

Divine Chocolate Calendar

Gift ideas to fill sustainable advent calendars

But what can you fill the calendar with? It doesn't always have to be chocolate, there are many sustainable gift ideas for more variety and also in the spirit of zero waste.

  • Delicacies & delicacies: spices, nuts, biscuits, tea, coffee or even a little muesli sweeten the start of the day. Or would you like a bottle of gin or wine for the evening?
  • Decorative elements: A traditional wooden star, Christmas bells made of porcelain or a Christmas ball made of glass will delight the recipient for years. Candles and tea lights are an equally nice alternative.
  • Cosmetics & wellness: Small cosmetic and wellness products such as lip care, face masks or bubble baths are not just something for the woman's heart.



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