Sustainable Advent calendar - this is how zero waste Christmas works

Advent calendars are not all about chocolates. Sustainable alternatives with individual gifts are especially thoughtful. Here are our top zero waste Advent calendars

Sustainable Advent calendar

The 1th of December is approaching. Unfortunately, most advent calendars are usually disposed of after Christmas. Especially plastic molds generate a lot of waste. On the other hand, a sustainable Advent calendar is filled with beautiful surprises year after year and always brings joy.

The most beautiful option, of course, are homemade Christmas calendars. Those who don't have time to tinker, can also buy refillable and thus reusable calendars and fill them with personal gifts - from year to year.

Sustainable Advent Calendars - Our top 6

1. Advent calendar with natural cosmetics

A resourceful idea: Advent calendars full of cosmetic products. Natural cosmetics for 24 days of care and wellness rituals. Many natural cosmetic brands offer calendars as such, for example Dr. Hauschka.

Sustainable Advent calendar

Dr. Hauschka cosmetics calendar 2019

2. Refillable canvas advent calendar

Simply attach the canvas calendar to the wall and fill the 24 bag yourself. This is a nice decoration element and also reusable in the long term. Ferm Living, for example, offers sustainable Advent calendars as such made from 100% organic cotton.

Sustainable Advent calendar

Ferm Living noble calendar made of cotton

3. Little bag calendar

Sustainable Advent calendars with small bags. These come in many different shapes and colors. Hanging on a tree or attached to a string - there are a lot of ways to hide these beautiful surprises. For example, Fabelab offers a creative product: With little bags and figures made from organic cotton, the XNUMX pieces tie together and tell a Christmas story from Copenhagen.

Sustainable Advent calendar

In Copenhagen "by Fabelab

4. Pop-Up Advent Calendar

Sustainable pop-up advent calendars are made of paper and minimalist alternatives to DIY. You can even supplement them with little motivational sayings for each day. If the work is too elaborate, you can also refer to the small Christmas landscape of Meri Meri.

Sustainable Advent calendar

Pop-Up Advent Calendar by Meri Meri

5. Charity "Good deeds" Advent calendar

The "Good Deeds" Advent calendar is a calendar that promotes social projects worldwide. Behind every door, there is a project, which is supported by the purchase of the calendar. With 24 euros, you can support projects in the categories of health, environment, education and care worldwide.

Sustainable Advent calendar

Good deeds advent calendar

6. GEPA Fairtrade chocolate calendar

If it's supposed to be chocolate, look for fair trade or organic chocolate. The classic is fair and organic, for example from GEPA, a pioneer in fair trade. GEPA chocolate stands for fair working conditions as well as social promotion.

Sustainable Advent calendar

GEPA Fairtrade Organic Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar

Gift ideas for sustainable advent calendars

But how can you fill the calendar? It doesn't always have to be chocolate, there are many ideas for more variety and also in the spirit of zero waste. Would you like something tasty? So try it with delicacy spices, nuts, cookies, tea or coffee.

Also a delicious muesli bar or even a small bottle of gin or wine are nice ideas. Small elements for Christmas decorations, such as a traditional wooden star, Christmas bells made of porcelain or a Christmas ball made of glass, are sure to delight the recipient as well.


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