Take action: This is how you can help those suffering in Afghanistan

Emergency supplies, protection and hope for Afghanistan. We show which organisations you can support to help Afghanistan

Help Afghanistan

The precarious situation in Afghanistan is causing shock worldwide. Anger, sadness, fear, compassion and desire Solidarity to show floods of emotions that arise from the images of the escalating conflict and underline its complexity. Between hope and hopelessness, however, one thing is certain: the feeling of paralysis born of desperation must be shaken off. It is time to take action, mobilize and expand global forces help.

Since the withdrawal of international troops on August 15, the Taliban have taken Afghanistan. But besides territorial claims, it is especially the freedom of Afghan women, girls and progressive-minded people like him LGBTQIA + communitythat is threatened. Around 80% of those who have fled since May are said to be women and children. There is uncertainty as to whether girls will be deprived of the privilege of education, whether women will benefit from theirs jobs are allowed to return and whether equality and self-determination are still possible for them. The consequences for people who do not conform to ideologically radicalized ideas are devastating. And although Afghanistan was considered a safe country before it was captured, it tolerated more and more progress and diversity.

How exactly you can help those affected in Afghanistan is shown by many aid organisations where you can donate or become a supporting member. Even before the crisis, NGOS were on the ground to positively advance the country's development. Now it's perseverance for positive commitments before, during and hopefully soon after the crisis. Together, it is a matter of working for peace, justice and emergency aid, as well as giving courage and hope to those who are suffering.

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10 organisations with whose support you help Afghanistan

  1. Women For Afghan Women (WAW)
  2. Defend Afghan Women's Rights
  3. Visions for Children
  4. Islamic relief
  5. Afghan women's association
  6. Afghanaid
  7. International Rescue Committee
  8. Doctors Without Borders
  10. Muslim hands

1. Women For Afghan Women

Women for Afghan Women was founded in 2001 by Zarifa Ghafari, Afghanistan's youngest female mayor and a beacon of hope. Today, WAW is the largest women's civil society organisation in Afghanistan, empowering disenfranchised women and girls politically, culturally, socially and economically. Through services ranging from family counselling to vocational training, WAW challenges gender norms and transforms lives. The vision: to enable peace, justice, equality and freedom in all areas of life. And to do so without fear.

Given the current situation, WAW is determined to help alleviate the emergency. In addition to its active work - evacuating centers and providing accommodation, resources and assistance for the safety of customers, employees and families - the organisation appeals for international solidarity. To the willingness to donate to advance security.

2. Defend Afghan Women's Rights

With the Defend Afghan Women's Rights initiative, the NGO HÁWAR.help and Center for Foreign Feminist Policy share their reach to collect donations for Afghan women's rights organizations and to provide political research for a human rights-based foreign policy. Since women's rights activists, journalists, politicians and artists in particular are in acute danger due to the Taliban, this is now more important than ever.

Donations go directly to women's rights organizations in Afghanistan. For evacuation, on-site support or for a restart in a safe third country. Commitment to the initiative means supporting human rights that are uncompromisingly harmonized with foreign policy and diplomacy. Safe and sustainable.

3. Visions for Children

The Hamburg-based NGO Visions for Children has been involved in education projects and internally displaced persons in Afghanistan since 2006. Its successes range from the construction of 11 schools to emergency aid for more than 35,00 internally displaced persons who have found shelter in Afghan refugee camps. Currently, both of the NGO's leitmotifs are coming into focus due to the chaos in Kabul: Afghan citizens are forced to flee their homes and many are deprived of their right to education.

Visions for Children is continuing its work in Kabul, Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif, not just despite, but especially because of these difficult times. With the help of a emergency fundraiser, helpers on the ground provide all essentials to shelterless and destitute people. The NGO communicates transparently on its Instagram channel what donations are used for, what is needed and how the situation is developing politically, socially and culturally.

4. Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief USA is a non-profit organisation whose mission has been to provide humanitarian services to deprived families in Afghanistan for 20 years. Its commitment is based on shared values: excellence, sincerity, social justice, compassion and care. To enable self-determination for people regardless of gender, race or religion.

The organisation views recent developments in the context of the already pre-existing low standards of living in Afghanistan. In this sense, appeals for donations relate in particular to food and humanitarian aid. Through these, staff in the provinces of Kabul, Balkh, Herat and Nangarhar are working to distribute food, hygiene kits, water storage, tools and essential non-food items such as cleaning products.

5. Afghan women's association

The Afghan women's association has been active as a humanitarian aid organisation for peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan since 1992. The organisation's projects focus more precisely on promoting women and children - especially in remote, rural regions. According to the guideline "Helping people to help themselves", the mission is to enable equality, self-determination and independence for all genders and the younger generation.

Since taking over Kabul, the Afghan Women's Association has set up an emergency medical care camp 15 kilometers away from the center. While around 1,300 internally displaced persons are currently being treated, more help, staff and hygiene are still needed. And for this, donations are urgently needed.

6. Afghanaid

For 40 years follows Afghanaid mission to serve disadvantaged and marginalized families in the poorest and most remote communities in Afghanistan. It is about building an infrastructure for basic services and improved livelihoods, strengthening the rights of women and children and helping to protect against natural disasters and adapting to climate change.

To continue vital development work and provide much-needed humanitarian aid, the organisation is seeking donations in partnership with the United Nations. These are used to mobilise aid workers and provide emergency shelter, blankets, food, hygiene kits and items such as solar-powered lamps and stoves. The aim is to keep families safe, clean and healthy to protect them from further risks.

7. International Rescue Committee

The aim of the International Rescue Committees is to respond to humanitarian crises around the world, to counteract conflicts and to provide assistance in disasters. The core of the mission: to restore safety, health, education, economic well-being and energy to the people affected.

IRC has been involved in Afghanistan for 30 years, providing shelter, education, clean water, emergency medical care and other supplies to millions of people. With the current worsening situation, donations for the crisis area are more important than ever.

8. Doctors Without Borders

Since its foundation in 1971, Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) has been the largest independent organisation for emergency medical aid. The organisation acts quickly and professionally wherever people's lives are in danger and humanitarian aid is needed - regardless of nationality, religion or political orientation. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, administrative staff and logistics experts are active in more than 70 countries affected by epidemics, natural disasters or conflicts.

The aid services in Afghanistan range from the care of pregnant women as well as newborns and obstetrics to the care of the injured and the treatment of diseases such as tuberculosis or COVID-19. Donations can actively support these.


The United Nations Children's Development Fund UNICEF is one of the best-known aid organisations worldwide. It now operates in more than 190 countries and provides aid in the areas of health, family planning, nutrition, hygiene and education.

Despite insecurity in Kabul, UNICEF is on the ground with partner organisations, providing families with clean drinking water, hygiene kits and food. In addition, measures to protect against diseases such as the Corona virus and organised medical treatment are made possible. Every donation helps.

10.Muslim Hands

Help from the UK: As a civil society NGO Muslim hands has stood for the fight against poverty since 1993. Initiated by the war in Bosnia, volunteers came together and today they have become a global network of help. Since then, Muslim Hands has been engaged in long-term projects for health, education and well-being to bring about sustainable change.

With its aid, the NGO has also been at the forefront of emergency relief and sustainable development in Afghanistan since 1993. Donations have thus flowed for almost 20 years into providing life-saving medical treatment and helping orphans with schooling and widows with vocational training. Today, it is precisely these donations that are important to help displaced people.



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