Très Chic: Vegan dress shoes for women and men

No more sneakers - elegant shoes for all styles without animal suffering and with an ethical supply chain? Here are the most beautiful brands for vegan dress shoes for women and men

Vegan shoes for women from Aera New York
Source & Copyright by Aera New York

Author: Miko Takama

Ethics and animal welfare are part of it sustainable fashion. Many consumers therefore also choose vegan products when it comes to fashion. When it comes to vegan shoes for men and women, this means above all doing without leather. However, plastic is usually used as a substitute, which is also not particularly sustainable and also not durable and of high quality. But there is a remedy. Here are the most beautiful brands of vegan shoes that will last.

Warning: vegan doesn't necessarily mean ethical

One of the biggest misconceptions vegan moder is that vegan products are ethical. However, some brands use faux leather in their products and market their products as ethical. Even if they don't have standards for the people in their supply chain. There are now a growing number of brands offering ethical vegan shoes Leather alternatives manufacture.

Gone are the times of renunciation. Innovative materials such as recycled PET, recycled nylon and plant-based materials such as cork, Piñatex and natural rubber offer a remedy. Whether for an elegant cocktail party or a romantic evening, you no longer have to sacrifice your individual style. Here are some of our most popular shoes that are well made and stylish for both men and women while being 100% vegan.

Top brands: vegan dress shoes for women


VEJA's 100% vegan sneakers for women, men and children are made in Brazil. The brand uses organic cotton for the material and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles and various innovative materials made from recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester. The sneakers themselves are classic, timeless and sporty in design.

VEJA sneakers

Source & Copyright by VEJA

2nd round

Rungg offers vegan shoes for women with bold color palettes and bright patterns inspired by nature. The designs such as the embroideries illustrate joys in colors and love for art, perfect choice for both casual and elegant styling. Rungg is a VVV+ Animal Free fashion brand that promotes ethical, responsible and sustainable fashion.

Rungg different colorful vegan shoes for women

Source & Copyright by Rungg


This, from women owned brand, creates versatile vegan evening shoes for conscious women. The shoes of Veerah have several elements that can be attached or removed as you wish. So you can enjoy multiple looks for day and night styles with just one pair of VEERAH shoes. The brand uses modern materials, including organic textiles such as apple leather, which recycles organic waste, and algae foam pads for the insoles to reduce the consumption of petroleum, energy and... water pollution to reduce.

VEERAH beige pumps with brooch vegan shoes for women

Source & Copyright by VEERAH

4. Rothy's

Once designs are created in San Francisco, all manufacturing takes place in a brand-owned factory in China, using hand-assembled and handcrafted tools 3D knitting technology is used to so little waste to generate as possible. The brand has already recycled over 20 million plastic bottles to create fashionable vegan shoes for women. Rothy's also uses recyclable, carbon-free rubber and TPU for the outsoles, safe and vegan adhesives, and recycled foam outsoles.

Different pairs of Rothy's

Source & Copyright by Rothy's

5. Cult of Coquette

The American brand Cult of Coquette was born when founder Bebe Roxana couldn't find a vegan version of the famous Louboutins. That's why she decided to create some herself in 2018. The classic design of the shoes comes in a variety of vegan textiles, from patent leather to reptile. So you can switch seamlessly from your desk to the end of the day.

Cult of Coquette wrap pumps vegan shoes for women

Source & Copyright by Cult of Coquette

Top brands: vegan dress shoes for men

1. Will's Vegan Shoes

Will's Vegan Shoes is an established, PETA approved company from England. Originally started as a vegan men's shoe company, they now offer shoes for both men and women. All materials used, including the glue, are vegan and have OEKO-TEX and Ecolabel certifications. Including the vegan organic leather made from grain. The brand works with manufacturers in Spain and Portugal and has managed to fully customize their shoes climate neutral close.

Will's Vegan Shoes black Chelsea Boots vegan shoes for men

Source & Copyright by Will's Vegan Shoes


Noah offer high quality vegan dress shoes for men in traditional Italian style and comfort. The brand works with handcraft shoe factories in Italy that guarantee fair working conditions. The large collection of vegan boots and shoes is available in limited numbers taking into account the environment animals as well as human health. The stylish shoes from Noah are also breathable, scratch and wear-resistant, non-toxic and recyclable.

Noah brown dress shoes vegan shoes for men

Source & Copyright by Noah

3. My Vegan Shoes

The online shop My Vegan Shoes produces vegan, sustainable and fairly produced shoes and bags for men and women. The company follows the philosophy that veganism encompasses not just diet, but the entire lifestyle and that vegans do not forego animal products in their entire everyday lives. The range includes shoes that are elegant and styleless as well as current shoe trends. The selection for men ranges from hiking boots to sneakers and dress shoes to sandals.

My vegan shoes

Source & Copyright by My vegan Shoes

4. Aera

Aera is a luxury footwear brand that places equal value on ​​the product, people and the planet. The brand offsets all of its environmental impacts by 110%, not only neutralizing the impact of its business on the planet but also helping to heal it. Transparency is the main focus here and meets the standards of the SCS Global. The three founders come from top-class fashion groups and have now founded their own brand. Stars like Katie Holmes are already big fans.

Aera boots in animal print vegan shoes for men

Source & Copyright by Aera


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