Sustainable investments: More than just green investments

Sustainable investments: returns with a positive impact on the environment and society - your guide to ethical investing

Sustainable smartphone revolution: iPhone 15 vs. Fairphone 5

Sustainable smartphone revolution: iPhone 15 vs. Fairphone 5

Amazon introduces “Informed Purchasing Decisions” label: A step against frequent returns?

Amazon introduces “Informed Purchase Decisions” label: a step against frequent returns

20 ideas for sustainable promotional products: The path to environmentally conscious branding

Practical and efficient: Sustainable promotional items and merchandising as an integral part of the modern marketing strategy

The hottest summer on record marks the beginning of climate breakdown

Record temperatures lead to climate collapse - The hottest summer is said to have alarming effects on us

UN Global Stocktake raises alarm over insufficient progress on climate protection

The window of opportunity is closing: UN stocktaking report calls for urgent action at the UN climate summit in Dubai

Balance between purpose & profit: Challenge or future bearer?

Why purpose and profit are no longer opposites and how companies can reconcile them for long-term success

Controversy over new EU standards for sustainability reporting

EU Sustainability Reporting Standards Replacing Mandatory with Voluntary Disclosures – Progress or Regression?  

Green start-ups: Drivers for sustainability in business and society

Sustainable start-ups in Germany: The importance of green companies

These trends set new norms for successful ESG standards

A successful approach to ESG standards goes beyond mere compliance

Sustainable marketing: With enthusiasm for long-term success

Anti-greenwashing and sustainable marketing: Focus on authenticity and credibility

The future of manufacturing: Here are four key trends you should know about

Microsoft's prediction: Four trends are shaping the future of the manufacturing industry

Google Earth time-lapse shows effects of climate change in action

New Google Earths Timalapse feature shows effects of climate change

MIT Green Future Index 2023: Iceland leads, emerging markets catch up

Nodrics lead, major developed markets lag behind and emerging markets are catching up

NextGen initiates largest carbon removal deal to date

NextGen CDR Facility announces pre-purchase of nearly 200.000 tons of carbon credits to advance carbon capture technologies

Corporate climate protection: 10 examples of sustainable business practices

How climate protection and environmentally friendly strategies work in companies

Measures for more sustainability in the company

The current study situation shows that company concepts with sustainable measures are becoming an increasingly important prerequisite for competitiveness.

Carbon offsetting vs. carbon insetting: which approach is suitable for reducing emissions

Carbon offset and carbon insetting - advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Initiative Zero100 promotes collective redesign of digital supply chains

The climate initiative has set itself the goal of radically reducing CO2 emissions in the supply chain through cross-industry digital solutions

The Pillars of Regenerative Leadership for Healthy Ecosystems

Climate change and natural disasters require a new way of acting and leading

What are the environmental impacts of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, climate change and possible solutions: A complex challenge

Successful start of the NASA mission to monitor global water masses

SWOT mission successfully launched: targeting global water masses to deepen understanding of climate change

Negative spiral: climate change affects gender equality

How climate change is affecting gender equality – and what can be done about it

Biochemicals - Sustainable material as an alternative to plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging has come under criticism, but how valuable are biological and organic alternatives from Biochemicals really?

Can AI help tackle climate change

What use AI has in the fight against climate change and what challenges still need to be overcome

Diversity and gender equality as effective incentives

UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Businesses fight for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls

ESG Disclosure Rules: Regional Differences and Challenges

ESG regulations vary from country to country and are crucial for international companies

Will companies need a Head of Traceability in the future?

Ensuring traceability is crucial, but the work of the Head of Traceability is complex and requires deep operational know-how

Skills and responsibilities of successful Chief Sustainability Officers

Sustainability doesn't work in isolation - Successful CSOs are part of C-level management and need collaboration, authority and resources

D21 Digital Index: The challenges of the green transformation

The D21 Digital Index confirms the increasing interlocking of sustainability and digitization

Effective anti-greenwashing strategies strengthen credibility

Through dialogue and brand awareness, companies avoid greenwashing traps

Sustainability reporting - challenges for medium-sized companies

Which challenges and advantages sustainability reporting holds in store for medium-sized companies

European green bonds: investing free from greenwashing?

Uniform rules for green bonds promise less greenwashing and financing of a green economy

B Corp - The promising certificate for sustainable companies

The B Corp certification recognizes companies with exemplary socio-economic and environmental standards

Green Hushing - When companies hide their climate targets

How companies use green hushing as a protection mechanism against greenwashing and what the consequences are