Aviation future: EU decides path to climate neutrality through alternative aviation fuels

Increasing share of sustainable aviation fuels to reduce emissions and create jobs

Airplane Biofuels

Author: House of Eden

  • EU plans to increase the share of sustainable aviation fuels to 2050% by 70
  • New regulations to reduce emissions and strengthen energy security
  • Expectation to create 200.000 new jobs in renewable energy

The future of aviation is greener. EU legislators have agreed that from 2025 fuel providers will have to mix more and more sustainable aviation fuels. By 2050, the proportion is expected to increase to 70%.

New measures for sustainable aviation

EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean stressed that the transition to sustainable aviation fuels will improve energy security and reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports. In addition, the market for sustainable aviation fuels is expected to create over 200.000 new jobs in the EU. The new rules require aviation fuel providers at EU airports to provide an increasing share of sustainable aviation fuel, starting at 2% in 2025 and increasing to 70% in 2050.

Advance to biofuels and synthetic aviation fuels

The guidelines cover biofuels, recycled carbon fuels and synthetic aviation fuels, excluding the production of fuels from food and forage crops on sustainability grounds. The EU-wide regulations are intended to create a level playing field and at the same time increase the security of energy supply.

With these measures, the EU is ready for a sustainable future for aviation in order to achieve the climate goals and contribute to the realization of the European Green Deal. Aviation is crucial for the EU to meet its climate targets under the Paris Agreement and to make the European Green Deal a reality.

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