IAA MOBILITY 2023: From Motor Show to Global Mobility Summit

IAA MOBILITY 2023 Munich: Future of sustainable mobility and technology

E-bike pioneer VanMoof reports bankruptcy

E-bike manufacturer VanMoof has filed for bankruptcy and Lavoie, an e-scooter company, will take over the company.

Paris Bans E-Scooters – New Twist in Urban Mobility

Paris, once a pioneer in the use of rentable e-scooters, is now leading the way again, this time in banning e-scooters from the city.

Key Trends in the EV Industry 2023: New impetus for sustainable mobility

From the acceptance of fully electric vehicles to the importance of fast charging and the electrification of logistics.

Aviation future: EU decides path to climate neutrality through alternative aviation fuels

Increasing share of sustainable aviation fuels to reduce emissions and create jobs

Global EV Outlook 2023: A fifth of all cars will be electric

Global EV Outlook 2023: A fifth of all cars will be electric

E-Fuels: The Debate About Opportunities and Challenges

E-Fuels: The debate about the opportunities and challenges of synthetic fuels

The Way to Clean Energy: Measures to Promote Renewable Energy

Why the Clean Energy Transition is only possible through global action to accelerate the transition to renewable energy