Prada and IOC step up their commitment to protecting the oceans

Prada mobilizes new resources to partner with UNESCO's IOC to promote the Sea Beyond marine conservation education program

Prada x IOC
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Author: House of Eden

  • The Prada Group and UNESCO's IOC strengthen partnership as part of their Sea Beyond educational program
  • Prada will continue to donate 1% of the proceeds from the Re-Nylon collection to Sea Beyond
  • The resources are used to support marine conservation, scientific research and humanitarian projects

One key challenge is Prada Group and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO have increased their cooperation to protect the oceans. The partnership builds on the Sea Beyond educational program and will expand its scope to include ocean-related research and humanitarian projects.

Prada and UNESCO's IOC promote education and marine research

During an official press conference, Prada pledged to continuously donate 1% of proceeds from the Re-Nylon collection to further support and develop the Sea Beyond project. Since 2019, through a series of targeted initiatives, it has helped spread knowledge about the oceans around the world and raise awareness for their protection. The target group of this mission ranges from children of preschool age to more than 600 international secondary school students to around 14.000 employees of the Prada Group, whose understanding is strengthened by individually tailored educational modules.

prada sea beyond

Source & Copyright by Prada Group

"It is vital that everyone understands that culture and education are fundamental to effect change. We must invest in constructive dialogue with young generations to contribute to a more sustainable future and protect our oceans. UNESCO is the only one UN organization with a mandate for both education and marine research, and its Oceanographic Commission has proven its ability to bring stakeholders together. I am very proud that we will continue this journey together." said Lorenzo Bertelli, Head of CSR at Prada Group.

The new resources enabled by the deepening partnership agreement will expand the Sea Beyond project. Prada x IOC unveiled a new biennial ocean education program. It will now go beyond education and set two new priorities: supporting scientific research and social projects. In connection with the ocean, of course.

Sea Beyond as the hub of the ocean decade

The long-term goal is to make Sea Beyond an accessible platform. A hub that takes on the projects of third parties, supports them with expertise and promotes the protection of the oceans. For example through productive synergies in the areas innovation and technology. To realize this vision, a coordination office for the Ocean Decade (global campaign to create together the ocean we need for the future) will be opened in Venice. This is based in the UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Culture in Europe and in the IOC Project Office for Oceanography. The main objectives of the coordination office include:

  • Overseeing Ocean Decade Challenge 101, a UN program to transform humanity's relationship with the ocean
  • Educational activities for high school students as well as preschoolers
  • Stimulate and support the implementation of a "blue curriculum" in all Member States
  • Planning the first World Conference on Ocean Education 2024 in Venice
  • Organization of events and strengthening of networks on ocean competence
  • Development of activities in cooperation with the UNESCO program "Ocean Literacy With All"
  • Cooperation with governments, research centres, NGOs, the private sector and civil society

Awareness enables initiative: Education as the engine of sustainable development

As a renowned traditional brand in the luxury sector, Prada has an almost unparalleled reach and clout. Using this to contribute to the sustainable development of society and to stimulate cultural debates is more than important. Using them is sufficient and inspiring to motivate other companies and to take issues such as protecting the oceans out of niches. Out of an interested bubble, into the broader society that needs to be enlightened in order to reduce its impact.

The partnership between Prada and the IOC of UNESCO is a representative example of how fruitful synergies can be. That companies and institutions with different areas of competence can mobilize different resources and that in combination they bring about positive change.

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