Voices of a Re:Generation: Puma gives Generation Z a voice

Puma opens up new perspectives by including young environmentalists

Puma Voices of Re:Generation
Source & Copyright by Puma

Author: House of Eden

German sports brand Puma introduces a new concept to advance its sustainability strategy. This is a small group of four environmentalists. This should represent the young generation in the Group and advise the sports brand in their interest.

The sports brand Puma has been pursuing a number of sustainability concepts for years. Puma strives for the 10-for-25 goals, which include improvements in the areas of circular economy, plastic and oceans, fair wages and biodiversity. In addition, the company works with the stakeholder dialogue, which aims to obtain transparent feedback from stakeholders on sustainability management. The new sustainability project is also based on this: The Voices of a Re:Generation.

New perspectives: Advice from young environmentalists

According to Puma studies, 71% of young people feel their voices have not been heard enough when it comes to sustainability demands. 49% of respondents think brands should make more commitments, communicate their goals better (40%) and be more transparent (34%). The Voices of a Re:Generation serve as a response to these findings. Thanks to you, young people now have the opportunity to deal with the sustainability concepts of a company and form their own opinion.

A team of four from the USA and Europe made up of young environmentalists, is to ensure this. The representatives of Generation Z are now advising the sports brand with their specialist knowledge and new ideas for change. Among them is the British documentary filmmaker and storyteller Alice Aedy. Also upcycler Andrew Burgess from America and German vlogger Luke Jaques-Rodney. Last but not least, the visual artist and creative consultant Jade Roche from France.

Sustainable Communication: Voices of Generation Z

The goals of the project are to promote the sustainability strategy, consolidate the Forever Better promise, and implement the 10-for-25 goals. All with the voices of Generation Z in mind. Over the course of 2023, the Voices of a Re:Generation will meet three times alongside Puma's Chief Sourcing Officer Anne-Laure Descours and the Sustainability team. They should identify areas within the group in which the brand can still improve.

“We recognize the need to act and are committed to making sustainability accessible and transparent for all. Voices of a Re:Generation is our first step in this direction,” says Anne-Laure Descours, Puma's Chief Sourcing Officer. As part of sustainability communication, the "Voices" will then use their reach to show the group's efforts to the young population in a transparent and understandable way. Puma wants to get closer to young people so that they can perceive and understand the sustainability efforts of the sports brand more intensively.

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