re.FASHION ACADEMY – the new educational platform of the Fashion Council Germany

A wide range of educational opportunities for designers and brands to successfully shape the future of the fashion industry

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Author: House of Eden

  • re.FASHION ACADEMY offers a comprehensive range of courses for the fashion industry
  • Various webinars and seminars in collaboration with experts
  • Continuous training for designers and brands

The fashion industry is in constant change. Therefore, lifelong learning is crucial. In this context the Fashion Council Germany (FCG) launched the re.FASHION ACADEMY on September 1, 2023. An innovative educational platform that provides physical and digital learning opportunities for members of its fashion community.

Concept of the re.FASHION ACADEMY

The re.FASHION ACADAMY offers a wide range of educational offerings. Starting from short live webinars to extensive seminars. Coaching and podcasts will also be added in the near future. A particular focus of the FCG is on close cooperation with the experts in the community. They are invited to share their knowledge as lecturers or speakers. The educational platform aims to enable participants to benefit from the findings and developments in the fashion industry.

There are special benefits for members of the Fashion Council Germany at the re.FASHION ACADEMY. You can take a certain number of courses per year for free. In addition, talented people receive generous credits from the FCG funding programs to advance their professional development and contribute to structural change in the fashion industry afford to.

Tailored approach to the target group

The target group of the re.FASHION ACADEMY includes both designers and brands who want to continue their education. Brands have the opportunity to design their individual training needs to receive tailored educational packages that meet their specific requirements and challenges.

The future of the re.FASHION ACADEMY

The re.FASHION ACADEMY strives to continuously expand its offering. Both through new courses, partnerships and experts, as well as by expanding the geographical reach. More precisely, this means that the physical courses should be offered throughout Germany and later across Europe.

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