Noah Living

In partnership with the German Design Award

Noah Living relies on form & functionality - with its modular sofa, the company wins the German Design Award and Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2021

modular noah sofa beige

Design Story


Noah Living Ltd

Winner product

The modular sofa

Design feature

Functional, flexible, simple


    • With its simple and functional design, the modular sofa is designed to last
    • FSC-certified wood frame, powder-coated steel frame and a core made of naturalis-foam according to Oeko-Tex Standard Class I
    • Through the dedicated plug-in system, the sofa can be expanded and rearranged as required
    • The removable fabric is dirt-repellent and washable
    • Made to Order, produced in Germany, without any intermediaries

modular noah sofa beige

Source & Copyright by Noah Living

Brand philosophy

Longevity as the core

A young company from Berlin that combines innovation with traditional manufacturing to create sustainable furniture. Minimalist design is processed into variable modular systems. The company addresses the desire for flexibility in daily life and therefore creates a furniture piece, which can be used and adapted in a many ways.

modular noah sofa processing in the factory

Source & Copyright by Noah Living

The modular Noah sofa - made for change

The designers have created the modular sofa for sustainable use and the requirements of a dynamic everyday life. The modules can be set up as a classic sofa, lawn, bed or seating group and even be distributed in different rooms, without requiring any tools. Additional modules can also be ordered or exchanged at any time.