In our exclusive Book Club, we regularly present highlights from the world of books with a focus on sustainability, design, art and architecture. In the form of illustrated books, knowledge readings or biographical works, literature provides inspiration for today and sets new trends. A selection of iconic and modern works that shape our age without losing sight of the environment and people.

Sustainability and Hybrid Commerce: Consumer Trends 2022

GfK study sees sustainability as the top trend for the new year - these are the topics for retailers, manufacturers and consumers

Book Club: TrendBook Forecast 2022 | 23 - Retro, Organic Materials, New Minimalism

These 5 macro trends offer inspiration for interior design, accessories, fashion, colors and textures in 2022/23

Kintsugi philosophy: the elegance of imperfection

The Japanese Kintsugi philosophy celebrates cracks and breaks by artfully repairing damaged ceramics and thus meeting the zeitgeist of sustainability

Book Club: Dig It! Building bound to the ground - building culture on the surface of the earth

Our book tip of the month digs deep into building culture - on the trail of architecture and its roots in the surface of the earth.

Book Club: Kuma – Japanese Architecture “Tradition meets the modern”

Our book tip of the month lets you discover the innovative architecture of the Japanese visionary Kengo Kuma with the beginning of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Green future powered by design - Green Trend Book 2021

The first round of recruiting for the Green Product and Green Concept Award 2022 is currently taking place - The Green Trend Book offers a sneak peek of what to expect.

Book Club: Food & Drink Infographics - A visual guide to culinary delights

Our book recommendation of the month lets you discover food, drinks and cooking in a whole new way

Book Club: Gio Ponti appears as a personal & exclusive special edition

“Even if Ponti was not concerned with saving resources, but rather with the appearance of lightness, his approach can be transferred to our time”

Book Club: Ai Weiwei - 40th Anniversary Edition

Our book tip of the month follows Chinese activist and artist Ai Weiwei through his life stages and shows his works inspired by the different phases

Book Club: Lo-TEK design movement relies on indigenous technologies

Inidigenous technologies as a solution to climate change - In conversation with the author Julia Watson, about alternative ideas in symbiosis with nature In an interview with Julia Watson

Book Club: Homes For Our Time

Our book tip of the month shows the most beautiful, most interesting houses worldwide as well as the ingenuity of visionary architects