WGSN – Sustainability Legislation

Legislation geared towards sustainability is changing the landscape. New laws and regulations are far-reaching and address a variety of issues, from transparency to the use of chemicals. Use this report to stay up to date on existing and upcoming laws and regulations and to find out where the opportunities lie. Download report

5 nature-positive trends to watch out for in 2023

World Economic Forum explains the importance of "nature positive" in today's generation. This report presents five positive trends for 2023. In addition, readers are also informed about the effects of climate change on our planet. Download report

Sustainability Transformation Monitor

Sustainability Transformation explains the effects of the current crises on the German and European prosperity model. For example, consequences of war can damage the impact of sanctions on the European economy. The report deals with the effects and short- and long-term consequences that are triggered by current global difficulties, such as the Russian war or climate change. [...]

How finance professionals are helping to advance ESG reporting

EY's report explains the importance of financial professional involvement in the next phase of the ESG reporting process as the ESG landscape is evolving very rapidly and demand from investors, regulators and other stakeholders is increasing accordingly. Download Report

How fit are companies for sustainability & reporting?

The Haufe sustainability study shows: 47% of the companies surveyed have some catching up to do in the area of ​​sustainability. The obligation to report on sustainability from 2025 and the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act from 2023 increase the pressure on companies to act. Find out how advanced the organizations are in dealing with sustainability and which fields of action are being worked on. Download report

Social change more important than physical tipping points!

The current study by the Cluster of Excellence "Climate, Climate Change and Society" (CLICCS) at Universität Hamburg shows that limiting global warming to 1,5 degrees Celsius is not plausible. Their conclusion: In order to achieve the temperature targets set by the Paris Agreement, social change is essential. You can find out how important climate adaptation is for people and the environment in [...]

Deloitte CxO Sustainability Report

In 2022, global leaders faced a number of challenges including economic uncertainty, geopolitical conflicts, supply chain disruptions and talent shortages, among others. Despite these headwinds, concerns about climate change remain a top priority for CxOs and their organizations. Download report

MSCI ESG & Climate Trends 2023

This report on ESG and Climate Trends to Watch for 2023 takes a closer look at how key developments are shaping the investment landscape and how challenges and opportunities are impacting companies. MSCI deals with the various climate trends that are shaping the ESG investment world. Climate change risks and the path to net zero and the […]

OECD Climate Tipping Points 2023

The OECD report shows that exceeding 1,5°C pushes the Earth to its limits while potentially causing irreversible and severe changes in the climate system. In this report you will learn how the socio-economic and ecological systems suffer and what serious effects occur. Download report

State of Green Business 2023

In the 16th Annual State of Green Business, editors and analysts from GreenBiz Group have selected 10 key trends that have been observed and researched. These reflect a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues: transportation, carbon reduction, circular economy, climate tech, sustainable food systems, renewable energy and more. Download report

The Global Risks Report 2023

The World Economic Forum's 2023 Global Risks Report examines risks we may face over the next decade. Low growth and little cooperation pose a risk that tougher trade-offs will undermine climate protection, human development and future resilience. The report provides information about other risks and solutions. Download report