Future Forecast 2023

The report "Future Forecast 2023" provides information about future innovations. The content offers readers a fresh perspective on innovators and innovations that will greatly impact sectors and trends. See 50 consumer trends that will define the year ahead. Download report

Provisioning for our needs within a fair consumption space

The "Think Piece" series from "Hot or Cool" contains short, politically relevant contributions to sustainable ideas that have not yet been fully explored. They aim to push the boundaries of policy making and educate outsiders about new perspectives on the transition to sustainability. The authors are leading thinkers with innovative ideas and experience. In the report you will find more […]

GfK: Sustainability in times of instability

The GfK report provides a detailed overview of the challenges of sustainability and inflation from a company perspective. Recent developments are in the area of ​​sustainability and consumer attitudes towards it and the successful implementation of sustainability as a core issue in a brand. Sustainability has been the most important trend driven by the pandemic in recent years […]