Electromobility is one of the biggest future markets of our time. Here are the innovative luxury models and current topics of green mobility.

Electromobility - quantum leap or hype?

A fictitious discussion by our editorial team, in which two contrary points of view are prepared in an abstract and fact-based manner - quasi pro and contra

Design Studio Mandalaki on Innovation, Digitalization & Tradition as Heritage

Whether concept car made of 80% recycled plastic or a micro-home, the Milan design studio Mandalaki is on the pulse of the times

Mobility of the future - these are the four megatrends

Mobility plays a central role in our society. Four innovative concepts meet today's challenges and point the way to a mobility of the future.

A Swedish premium yacht is bringing e-mobility to the sea

X Shore is the Swedish manufacturer of the 100 percent electric powered electric yacht. The company focuses on aesthetics and sustainability.

Pininfarina's hypercar of the future is called Battista

Pininfarina dares the next step to the independent car brand and brings the first all-electric luxury hypercar on the market.

Protect the environment and save costs with CarSharing

Sharing vehicles at first glance seems efficient, but how sustainable is CarSharing really?

Electromobility - A look behind the scenes

The market for electromobility has grown rapidly, with about 2,1 millions of cars sold in 2018. What are the drivers and how green are e-cars really.