Gold is often extracted under unworthy conditions for humans and nature. However, there is also ethical gold, ie certified and fairly traded gold. The aim is to limit environmental pollution and promote fair remuneration. We show you which brands use fair trade or 2nd life gold.

White gold know-how: Everything that glitters is gold

Exclusive white gold jewelry creations promise timeless joy. But why is white gold premium and where can you find the most beautiful jewelry?

Capolavoro - a jewelery manufactory through the ages

In dialogue with the founder family Fritsch: be open to change - a story about tradition and future Premium Partnership

Ethical Gold: About the Responsibility of the Jewelry Industry

The fashion industry is becoming more and more sustainable, but what about the jewelry industry? Here's everything you need to know about the term ethical gold and what fair gold mining looks like.

Chopard - 100% ethical gold

The luxury brand Chopard uses 100 percent ethically immaculate gold. Here's what Ethical Gold is all about

Atelier Swarovski focuses on sustainability

In cooperation with Oscar winning actress Penélope Cruz, Swarovski launches a sustainable collection