Our company is overloaded with machined mass-produced goods. As a contrast, therefore, craftsmanship is often used today as a synonym for luxury. That is, the production of first-class goods through manual labor. We show selected companies that create products for eternity with craftsmanship.

Heimtextil Trends 2021/22: "Nothing New, Everything New"

Heimtextil is a trendsetter and trend barometer for the textile industry. 2021 is considered the kickstart for a sustainable and digitized future

Cocooning 3.0 - When the inside becomes the new outside

In the reinforced home office, borders between private and public are blurring. The learned separation of living spaces dissolves. What effects does this have on rooms and furniture and how long does the cocooning wave last? By expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

Inspiration & ideas for home trends and design 5

As every year, there are many new ways to upgrade modern homes effortlessly as well as stylishly. These are the Top 5 interior home trends and design ideas 2020

Auction platforms: Antique objects are the luxury of tomorrow

The desire for sustainability and exclusivity leads to the boom in the auction platforms for antiques. We show where you bid best

News: Kenzo launches lifestyle brand K3 for interior decoration

Kenzo Takdada is making a comeback in the design world with the K3 lifestyle brand - instead of fashion, the Japanese star designer now offers high-quality interiors

Easter decorations made by yourself and from fine natural materials

Decorate and give away for Easter. Modern design ideas that are stylish and durable. Easter decorations are made in-house or come from fine natural materials.

Solid wood or solid timber? Here's everything you need to know about woods and the differences between them

Living & building with the most sustainable raw material in the world. Wood appeals to us aesthetically and also ensures a pleasant indoor climate. Whether solid wood, solid wood or real wood - we explain the differences.

Designer portrait - Guillaume Alan defines minimalist luxury on a new level

With his focus on aesthetic restraint, the French exceptional designer counts on the essence of things and the search for the essential

New Heritage Festival - Buy things that matter

Festival for manufactured products and timeless design - review of a successful event

KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel on timeless and sensual design

In dialogue with chief designer of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin - Challenges of modern table culture

Natascha von Hirschhausen on locally acting & globally networked fashion

In dialogue with Natascha von Hirschhausen, founder of the eponymous fashion label and the designer network Aethic - a pioneer of the German fashion world.

New Heritage - Stop the disposable mentality

We want products for eternity. Things that are so well done that we can still pass them on to our grandchildren

Sustainable Advent calendar - this is how zero waste Christmas works

Advent calendars are not all about chocolates. Sustainable alternatives with individual gifts are especially thoughtful. Here are our top zero waste Advent calendars

Terrazzo - the designer scene's favorite for La Dolce Vita

Terrazzo as new star of the international design scene. The colorful flooring exudes Mediterranean flair, lightness and elegance. Get to know the zero-emission eye-catcher

Sustainable furniture - Eco-design for your home

How environmentally friendly is your own home? Sustainable furniture and other important choices - We show you what eco-design is all about

ZAZI - A story about fashion, craftsmanship & humanity

In dialogue with Jeanne de Kroon, founder of ZAZI - how responsibility and courage can revolutionize the fashion industry

Designer Portrait - London jewelery designer Annoushka on her new collection

Annoushka Ducas, one of London's leading jewelry designers, talks about her personal taste.

KPM's new boss Martina Hacker on tradition & trends

In dialogue with Martina Hacker, Managing Director of KPM Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. A strong woman leads the traditional porcelain brand into the future.

Star designer Enrico Cinzano on the facets of aesthetics & sustainable design

In dialogue with the Italian star designer Enrico Marone Cinzano - The artful union of design, aesthetics and sustainability

Ronald van der Kemp - Fashion and the art of rarity

Meet Ronald van der Kemp RVDK, the world's first sustainable haute couture label. The brand's mission is to show the world that ethical fashion can be glamorous and exciting.

New Luxury - Luxury as the expression of a new and cultivated rebellion

New Luxury - Luxury is the expression of a new, cultured rebellion: status symbols are charged with ethical added value and sustainable concerns. The luxury market is growing steadily worldwide. But what does luxury mean today?

5 reasons to choose quality rather than quantity

Clothing, accessories, furniture: less is more? Why is quality worthwhile instead of quantity?

New exhibition "Sustainable Thinking" at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

This year, the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence commemorates the work of the designer with exhibitions of this photographs and works. What only few might know: Ferragamo has always been fascinated by the idea of ​​sustainability.

Chopard - 100% ethical gold

The luxury brand Chopard uses 100 percent ethically sound gold. What is Ethical Gold?

Atelier Swarovski focuses on sustainability

The Oscar winner Penélope Cruz brings out a sustainable collection with the traditional studio

Craftsmanship: high-quality luxury objects away from the mainstream

Fast-paced modern trends mean that our world is increasingly flooded with machine-made mass-produced goods, which is why interest in traditional craftsmanship is increasing. Handmade products promise quality, durability and exclusivity. It's about unique pieces with their own character, limited editions and collector's items. Or in short: high-quality luxury objects away from the mainstream. Discover exquisite brands and visionary personalities who integrate craftsmanship into their production processes and corporate philosophies.

Timeless with a positive social impact

Be it wicker baskets or pieces of jewelry - different cultures around the world have specific, handcrafted expertise. Depending on the product, labels come into contact with them to offer original and stylish objects. Here you will find labels that not only offer exclusive original goods, but also support local cultures. Those who choose it choose timeless and special items and also promote the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

Less mass production for more sustainability

In addition to the uniqueness of handcrafted objects, they are also more environmentally friendly than the machine version. Craftsmanship can save resources and circumvent the environmental impact of industrial mass production. In this way, exclusivity, ethics and sustainability make craftsmanship an essential part of the modern understanding of luxury.