In conversation with personalities, designers and stars. We introduce you to founders of sustainable brands and conduct interviews with Green Living Influencers.

2nd home founders Cloudy Zakrocki & Michael Munder on the sustainable revolution in the furniture industry

The founding duo about their holistic approach, the combination of profitability and sustainability and their vision for the future In an interview with Cloudy Zakrocki & Michael Munder, founders of “2nd home”

German Design Revolution: Julian Daynov in conversation about NEUDEUTSCH

Julian Daynov shares insights into his revolutionary German design project NEUDEUTSCH. He talks about his inspiration, values ​​and vision behind the project Interview with Julian Daynov, creator of NEUDEUTSCH

Ethical jewelry: A conversation with the founders of 202 EDITIONS

A combination of tradition and modernity in the design process, but the craftsmanship at the workbench is what fills the piece of jewelry with life and gives it value. Interview with Karin Heimberg and Maryvonne Wellen, founders of 202 EDITIONS

Verena von Eschenbach: Kashmir's values ​​and ethics in a new perspective

Verena von Eschenbach opens the doors to her production in Mongolia and reveals why her brand has to work specifically to offer not only aesthetic but also authentic cashmere. Interview with Verena Ebner von Eschenbach, founder Verena von Eschenbach

Jewelry designer Elina Sternenfeld on the development of the diamond industry

Are lab diamonds the more sustainable alternatives? Interview with Elina Sternenfeld, founder of Sternenfeld

Greentech Festival goes Los Angeles – Interview with founding father Marco Voigt

Marco Voigt about his vision for the future of Europe's largest sustainability festival Interview with Marco Voigt, founder of Greentech Festival

About beauty care that combines sustainability, spirituality and luxury

Talking to Julius Eulberg: Founder of Julisis, pioneer of clean beauty and alchemist for a natural & healthy glow Interview with Julius Eulberg, founder of Julisis

Why perfumes today have to be more than fragrant scents

Nullpunkt founder Amanda Mai on the needs of a modern society and functional fragrances as the motor of wellbeing and balance Interview with Amanda Mai, founder of Nullpunkt Functional Fragrances

Beabond: Jewellery that protects rather than transcends planetary boundaries

Beabond founder Ferelith Moltke on traceable diamonds, living handicrafts and jewelry for the protection of nature and animals Interview with Ferelith Moltke, founder of Beabond

How CarbonTag closes the gap between sustainable attitudes & behavior

Climate labels for climate protection: CarbonTag uses precise data to motivate consumers to consume sustainably Interview with Marcia Holst, co-founder of CarbonTag

Rent & rent out everyday objects with a clear conscience? finein makes it possible

Sharing is caring: How fainin works and what advantages the platform offers in terms of sustainability and security Interview with Maximilian Lehmann, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of fainin

About the new generation of fine jewelery - luxurious & sustainable

Talking to Helge Maren Hauptmann - the founder of the first German B Corp certified jewelery brand Maren Jewelery Interview with Helge Maren Hauptmann, founder of Maren Jewellery

5 questions for nuovosì studio muc. Founder Sinah Steinhart

What comes after the big day? Sustainability, sharing and appreciation – new studio muc. Bridal fashion gives a “Second Shine” interview with Sinah Steinhart, founder of nuovosì studio muc.

5 Questions for Right Direction Founder Jelizaveta Hagleitner

Exclusive insights and impulses about phygital fashion - fashion at the interface of the physical and digital world Interview with Jelizaveta Hagleitner, founder & CEO of Right Direction

When jewelery becomes an expression of modern values ​​and lifestyle

Avenida Santiago founder Roland Knipfer on fair jewelery as a sustainable and ethical step in the evolution of the jewelery industry Interview with Roland Knipfer, founder of Avenida Santiago

Talk with Christine Fehrenbach about holistically sustainable brand concepts

Interview with Christine Fehrenbach about sustainable brand concepts as an opportunity for future-proof positioning and the success of holistic transformation processes

New Norms: What crises and digitization mean for luxury brands

Sustainability, Metaverse and Web 3.0 determine the reinvention of the luxury industry - Simon Owen on trend-setting synergies Interview Simon Owen, Partner & CEO of Anomaly Berlin

5 questions for Working Title founder Bjoern Kubeja

Fashion inspired by art and architecture – This is how high fashion is sustainable Interview Bjoern Kubeja, Co-Founder Working Title

Nona Source – Repurpose model for deadstock accelerates circularity in fashion

Marie Falguera on the resale of deadstock items from exclusive fashion houses as a solution to the fashion industry's waste problem

Plan A founder Lubomila Jordanova transforms the economy sustainably

How the SaaS platform Plan A enables, simplifies and automates the transition to a sustainable and decarbonized economy In an interview with Lubomila Jordanova, Co-Founder & CEO “Plan A”

How diversity management mobilizes the entire employee potential

In an interview, organizational consultant Astrid G. Weinwurm-Wilhelm talks about diversity management and its added value for companies

5 Questions to Next Gen Designer Sep Verboom

“If we as designers and consumers know nothing about the product, we cannot evaluate it” AN INTERVIEW WITH SEP VERBOOM, FOUNDER OF LIVABLE

Designer Gesa Hansen on her passion for future vintage

The sought-after designer talks about her personal style and why her passion for wood and vintage are the epitome of sustainable design. In an interview with Gesa Hansen, Founder “The Hansen Family”

How the innovative start-up Occtopus playfully improves the future

Anja Höbel about Occtopus and the potential to reduce unconscious prejudices in children for more diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging In an interview with Anja Höbel, founder of “Occtopus”

Colour expert Annika Murjahn on innovative eco-colour culture

How Caparol Icons sets new standards for luxurious color concepts and sustainability on the European market for interior paints In an interview with Annika Murjahn, founder of CAPAROL ICONS

The Dematerialised and Lukso Co-Founder on the New Creative Economy

The marketplace for digital fashion NFTs and the blockchain technology behind them are challenging the traditional fashion industry In an interview with Marjorie Hernandez, co-founder The Dematerialised and Lukso

Contemporary fashion platform NJAL breaks with old conventions

NJAL founder Stefan Siegel about the problem of the fashion system, his Zalando partnership and the future of fashion In an interview with Stefan Siegel, founder of Not Just A Label

Resale platform unites circular fashion and new luxury

How the Managed Marketplace for pre-loved designer fashion offers sustainable answers and solutions for consumption In an interview with Cécile Wickmann, founder Rebelle

Experiencing design with all senses – Sebastian Herkner on Slow Design

The creative product designer transports culture and craftsmanship into the modern age In an interview with Sebastian Herkner, Product Designer

The Future is Now - 3D design innovation is revolutionizing fashion

The exceptional Austrian designer Julia Körner talks about the future of 3D printing as a combination of design, innovation and sustainability In an interview with Julia Körner, founder of JK Design

Stop Plastic-Pain - With plastic-neutral products for a clean nature

Everything you need to know about plastic waste - from waste incineration to bioplastics to recycling quotas In an interview with Martin Hinteregger, founder of Waste Reduction

Luxury lodge offers unique diversity in South Africa's nature reserve

Grootbos unites nature, animals and people through tourism and sustainability Interview with Michael Lutzeyer, founder of Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Responsible fashion through disruptive innovation and collaboration

Instead of waiting for a change in consumer behavior, The Bear Scouts relies on new solution models for the supply chain In an interview with Dio Kurazawa, Co-Founder The Bear Scouts

Future journey of the automotive industry to the station sustainability?

6 questions to Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Head of the Center of Automotive Management, on the sustainability of mobility In an interview with Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Director Center of Automotive Management

A club opens up new perspectives through creativity, innovation and collaboration

Together with art, science and entrepreneurship, “lobbying for nature.” In an interview with Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer, founder of the Arts & Nature Social Club

Climate change expert on the path to decarbonization

“The tip we always give is that you can't afford not to invest in sustainability, because it's a future-oriented, strategic decision.” Interview with Lara Obst, Co-Founder and Chief Climate Officer of Climate Choice

Complex and savvy: This is the potential of Gen Z consumers

Inclusiveness, commitment and cultural creativity - a new generation calls for radical change By Gen Z expert Hana Ben-Shabat

How a perfume dispels the clichés of the beauty industry

5 questions for Stefanie Hanssen from Frau Tonis Parfum about the problems of the perfume industry and why we need more tolerance and diversity Interview with Stefanie Hanssen, founder of Frau Tonis Parfum

Talk with Allon Libermann: The truth about powder-to-liquid products

“The problem in the care industry is not transparency, but ethics - brands like Forgo have to take responsibility to educate their consumers about sustainability” Interview with Allon Libermann, design manager of From Us With Love and co-founder of Forgo

The bank of tomorrow faces the predators of the financial world

Success is often defined by money - At the fintech start-up Tomorrow Bank, sustainability is defined by the success of money In an interview with Michael Schweikart, co-founder of Tomorrow Bank

Arizona Muse promotes biodynamics as a future model with the charity “DIRT”.

With “DIRT,” model and environmental activist Arizona Muse has dedicated herself to supporting biodynamic agriculture. She explains what that means in an exclusive interview 

Industrial Designer - Stefan Diez rethinks design and breaks with old habits

“The products of the new era need potential for enthusiasm and a meaningful relationship with their users - products that are loved and retained, instead of drastic reduction” In an interview with Stefan Diez, CEO Diez Office and professor for industrial design

Is Digi-Couture the future of sustainable fashion?

In the age of technology, digital fashion is perhaps the answer to the necessary change within the fashion industry. Interview with Michaela Larosse, Head of Strategy at The Fabricant

Berlin TXL will soon be a smart city and hotspot for urban technologies

5 questions to Philipp Bouteiller about the innovative and sustainable redesign of the former Berlin Tegel Airport In an interview with Prof. Dr. Philipp Bouteiller, CEO Tegel Projekt GmbH

Can future material innovations solve sustainability issues?

In order for sustainable companies to have a major impact on the market, the scalability of sustainable fabrics is necessary. But at the moment the supply chains are not aligned for this. By Christopher Snyder, Material Design Expert

Let's Flip - when the community decides on sustainable flops

Investigative journalism with the integration of the community for a better future - here we explain how the online magazine Flip works

Book Club: Gio Ponti appears as a personal & exclusive special edition

“Even if Ponti was not concerned with saving resources, but rather with the appearance of lightness, his approach can be transferred to our time”

Nomad upcycling rugs combine unique design with an appreciation for leftovers

“We believe in innovation, in crossing boundaries and in redefining the image of re- and upcycling in interiors” In an interview with Jutta Werner, founder of Nomad

Digital platform connects change makers and supporters worldwide

“As humans, we are so powerful when we come together – it only takes a few hundred people to literally change the world” Interview with Nina Siemiatkowski, Founder Milkywire

The future of urban cities: Empathic buildings and intelligent mobility

Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Managing Partner Creation of the Berlin agency Graft Brandlab, on the sustainable development of architecture, urban planning and mobility By Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

Green Furniture Concept: Biophilic Design & Modularity for Public Interior

Johan Berhin, founder and designer of Green Furniture Concept, talks about natural design as a symbol of security and the importance of modularity and circularity for interiors in public places Interview with Johan Berhin, Founder & Designer

Dodds & Shute: A platform is changing the design industry forever

“We started using our company as a case study for sustainable change in 2017 - we are driven by the idea that we can initiate real change in the design industry” In an interview with Stefan Dodds and Nick Shute, founder of Dodds & Shute

Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, on sustainable design

“Sustainable design ensures long-term corporate success and is accessible to everyone” In an interview with Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council

Smile Plastics - Inspirational designs made of recycled plastics

With their innovative recycled materials, the duo of Smile Plastics inspires designers and architects worldwide In an interview with Adam Fairweather and Rosalie McMillan

APX - A revolutionary application example for Edge AI

The Luxury Institute announces the launch of its new technology platform for the application of Edge AI: Here is the Advanced Personalization Xchange Platform By Expert Milton Pedraza “Luxury Institute”

ArtColLab: Art & creativity meet sustainability & philanthropy

The ArtColLab project stands for creativity, philanthropy and sustainability. In our interview, co-founder Olga Re Rebaudengo gives exclusive insights into the current collection and the future of the art scene

Values ​​index Corona update: This is how our values ​​are changing due to the crisis

The value index shows the current top 10 in changing values ​​in our society. Editor Peter Wippermann explains the background to the shift in values ​​in the crisis

BrewDog CEO Marcus Thieme on beer that saves the planet

With “Equity For Punks”, the craft beer brand BrewDog is collecting investments for green infrastructure. In an exclusive interview, CEO Marcus Thieme explains how beer can promote nature and climate protection  

Green Looks Great: In an interview with fair fashion blogger Mary

Since 2017, Mary has been proving on her blog Green Looks Great that sustainability and style can be easily combined. In the interview, she reveals how it works  

Interview: Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, on emotionally intelligent luxury

The Luxury Institute establishes humanity as a success factor in the luxury industry. Milton Pedraza, CEO, reveals what is important

Greenstyle founder Mirjam Smend on collections in line with the zeitgeist

The fashion industry's principle of “more and more”, “cheaper and cheaper” led to a lost appreciation for fashion. Now a turnaround is required: Let's make eco the new normal

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and their level of awareness

Awareness of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals is almost 50%. Society predominantly combines sustainability and climate protection with the SDGs, but many other important aspects are hidden behind them

Hallstein Water sets new quality standards for drinking water

On occasion of Global World Water Day on March 22, 2020, the founder of Hallstein Water - one the best and most expensive waters worldwide - talks about quality, sustainability and the future of drinking water 

Inspired by nature - Regenerative design beyond sustainability

Michael Pawlyn pioneered regenerative architecture through innovation through imitation of biology

Vegan motivation: Mia from heylilahey explains how the Veganuary challenge is done

Influencer Mia Marjanović is an inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle and a true vegan motivation. Here are her insider tips for vegan beginners

Living plastic-free - The best tips from Nadine Schubert

With her blog “Live better without plastic”, Nadine Schubert is a German pioneer in plastic-free living. With us, Ms. Schubert gives exclusive tips for at home

KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel on timeless and sensual design

In dialogue with the chief designer of the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin - challenges of modern table culture

Capolavoro: A jewelry manufacturer through the ages

In dialogue with the founding family Fritsch: be open to change - a story about tradition and future Premium Partnership

Natascha von Hirschhausen on locally operating & globally networked fashion

In dialogue with Natascha von Hirschhausen, founder of the fashion label of the same name and the designer network Aethic - a pioneer of the German fashion world

James Oag-Cooper on innovation in the food industry

In dialogue with the co-founder of Hyke Gin - how innovation and creativity are revolutionizing the beverage industry

ZAZI - A story about fashion, craftsmanship & humanity

In dialogue with Jeanne de Kroon, founder of ZAZI - how responsibility and courage can revolutionize the fashion industry

Vanessa Yuan & Joris Vanbriel on designer furniture for children

In dialogue with the founders of EcoBirdy about recycling discarded plastic toys and colorful designer furniture for children

Felix Sühlmann-Faul on the future of sustainable digitalization

Felix Sühlmann-Faul, consultant for the German Sustainability Award, explains what future-oriented sustainable digitization can look like and what the risks are

KPM's new boss Martina Hacker on tradition & trends

In dialogue with Martina Hacker, Managing Director of KPM Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. A strong woman leads the traditional porcelain brand into the future

The stylist Werner Aisslinger on the modern role of the designer

Werner Aisslinger, one of the largest product designers in Germany, tells us in private about future trends, the transformation of the designer and what beauty and aesthetics mean to him

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