Sustainable tourism means eco-friendly travel, including the discovery of new cultures and nature on the spot. In this way, holidays are unforgettable and special. We introduce you to individual luxury travel away from mass tourism.

Secret escape to … Vienna

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Gentle tourism - traveling in harmony with nature

Gentle tourism distances itself from mass tourism and appeals to the personal responsibility of travelers. How to do this is shown by our 8 helpful tips for climate-friendly travel

Holiday in the Tiny House - pure nature in design objects

Find a holiday in the Tiny House and thus back to nature and concentrate on the essentials. We show the best Tiny Houses for a very special nature holiday.

The 5 best organic hotels in Italy - Here's how sustainable tourism works

In sustainable organic hotels, the dolce vita can be enjoyed in various ways. Find your favorite hotel and do not only treat yourself but also the environment with your next holiday to Italy.

The Top Luxury Bio Hotels in New York

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The best eco-restaurants in South Africa

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Climate-friendly travel - compensate CO2 balance sheet

Traveling is easier today than ever before. Whether long-distance or luxury travel, it is important to choose the right means of transport, hotels or restaurants to compensate for the individual CO2 balance sheet.