The rapid growth of the world's population and the increasing urbanization are leading to a construction boom, especially in cities and suburbs. We present sustainable architectural projects and discuss current challenges as well as possible solutions.

Lo-TEK: Design movement building on indigenous technologies

Inidigenous technologies as a solution to climate change - In conversation with the author Julia Watson, about alternative ideas in symbiosis with nature In an interview with Julia Watson

Design Project Pollution Ranger & Smog Shade visualizes smog data

Designer Huachen Xin inspires social change with his Pollution Ranger and Smog Shade In an interview with designer Huachen Xin

Photovoltaics? The modern energy solution simply explained

Photovoltaics is one of the most promising renewable energies of our time. Here you will discover all the key facts that you need to know

Home Report 2020 - Future of Living and Building

How can the architecture of our cities, our buildings, but above all the architecture of our lives, be better designed?

Architectural design and new standards for sustainability

Setting signals where they are created - this is what the British architecture firm does with its sustainability manifesto

Solid wood or solid timber? Here's everything you need to know about woods and the differences between them  

Living & building with the most sustainable raw material in the world. Wood appeals to us aesthetically and also ensures a pleasant room climate. Whether solid wood, solid wood or real wood - we explain the differences.

Holiday in tiny houses or eco cabins - pure nature in design objects

To vacation in tiny houses or eco cabins means to enjoy nature in all its beautiful facets. We present amazing and unique tiny houses as well as eco cabins for a special experiences

The Vessel - New York's newest attraction from designer Heatherwick

The Vessel is the centerpiece of the newest luxury district of New York "Hudson Yards". The building, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, opened its doors in Manhattan's Midtown West for the first time this year

100 years of Bauhaus and the nationwide expedition

In the almost 14 years of its existence, the Bauhaus revolutionized creative and artistic thinking. The big anniversary will be celebrated nationwide in 2019

Urban gardening & vertical farming - two future concepts

Vertical farming and urban gardening are intended to revolutionize the future of agriculture. To what extent can the concepts be implemented at home and in the city.

Sustainable building & architecture in terms of the environment

With “Green Living” a trend has entered the living room that has a lasting impact on life in your own four walls

Current news & challenges around sustainable building

The rapidly growing world population and megatrends such as urbanization are leading to a construction boom in metropolises and suburbs. However, since buildings have a significant impact on natural habitats and are responsible for a considerable part of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, it is important to look for sustainable architectural solutions. Here we show how sustainable building works and which projects meet current challenges.

Pioneering architecture design & sustainability

Due to the environmental impact of the building boom, sustainable building is now the focus of visionary architects. Forward-looking concepts such as the design of climate-neutral and climate-restoring buildings promise to successfully combine architectural design and sustainability. Discover here which globally relevant architecture projects shape our future through sustainable building.

In addition, current knowledge about international building attractions, design trends, and environmentally friendly and regenerative architecture in our cosmos for sustainable building.