Natural materials are of particular importance nowadays, as almost any material can be artificially imitated. When furnishing, natural materials such as organic paints, pure cotton or real wood parquet should therefore be preferred. We show you what you should pay attention to in order to live healthy and free of harmful substances.

Interspecies Design: New habitats for a sustainable future

Diverse ecosystems instead of dreary concrete deserts: Interspecies Design creates environments in which not only humans but also other living beings find a home

Sustainable garden furniture: Top 5 brands and trends for 2024

Off to the green! Just in time for the start of the open-air season, we reveal the most important new outdoor furniture trends and introduce the best brands for sustainable garden furniture

Sustainable Celebrity Brands: 10 celebrity brands with impact

From the red carpet to the green lifestyle: These 10 sustainable celebrity brands prove that ethics and aesthetics don't have to be opposites

Living vegan: This is how ethical interior design works

How can you live stylishly and vegan? We present the best tips and the top brands for furnishings that are chic and cruelty-free at the same time

Flexible, functional, fashionable: Adjustable sizing sets new fashion standards

One size fits all! We explain why adjustable sizing should be the new norm for sustainability and show our top 10 brands for variable fits

Sustainable iPhone cases: protection for our cell phones and our planet

The Conscious Choice: Sustainable iPhone cases protect our smartphone and the environment from damage. Here we have curated the best sustainable brands for you

Waste to Value: Recycling furniture gives old materials a new purpose

Whether made from used children's toys, coffee leftovers or orange peels - recycled furniture combines creativity with sustainability and functionality. Here we introduce you to all the benefits and the best brands

Sustainable wallets: How to store your money with style and sustainability

We reveal what you should pay attention to when choosing a sustainable wallet and which brands you can invest in with a clear conscience

Charles and Ray Eames as visionaries of the 20th century

Charles and Ray Eames Industrial Designers The creative designer couple who completely broke artistic boundaries in the 1950s. The special features of her designs lie in the structures, shapes and conditions used and serve as expressions of her passion for aesthetics paired with comfort. Her designs are not just about surface design, but also about the type […]

Sustainable suitcases: Travel environmentally consciously with these brands

A selection of suitcases, travel bags and hand luggage that are not only stylish but also sustainable

“Filter by Fabric” – The revolution in transparent product descriptions

The Woolmark Company’s “Filter by Fabric” campaign aims to protect consumers from misleading product names and inspire them to make more conscious purchasing decisions

Modal fabric – The innovative textile fiber made from beech wood

Modal fabric impresses with its natural origin and versatile application. Compared to other materials, it shows many advantages and disadvantages. Immerse yourself in the world of Modal.

Cleaning stone: The environmentally friendly all-rounder for a clean home

Cleaning made easy: A cleaning stone is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Everything about the environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and how to use it.

Vegetable brush: Natural cleaning for freshness and health

Everything about vegetable brushes, the key to clean and nutritious vegetable enjoyment

Soap sachets: A guide to foamy washing and gentle exfoliation

Everything about the use, care and production of soap bags: They enable an optimal showering experience and at the same time protect the environment

Plant instead of animal skin: Why more and more designers are turning to cactus leather

Cactus leather is taking the forefront of sustainable leather alternatives. Everything you need to know about the trending material - from its origins to current challenges

Sustainable bed linen: A green dream for a restful sleep

Benefits, materials and top brands for eco-friendly bedding - from kid-friendly designs to organic certifications

Community Clothing launches a plastic-free sports collection

The Organic Athletic collection combines sustainable and locally produced sportswear which is plastic-free and environmentally friendly

Wrapping gifts sustainably: The best tips for sustainable wrapping paper

Nice gift giving without a guilty conscience? This is possible with sustainable wrapping paper! Discover our ecological designs and give your gifts a special touch.

Puma relies on biodegradable innovation with Re:Suede

In 2021, the Puma company started its first project called Re:Suede with its Circular Lab. The experiment about the completely biodegradable shoe is now producing results.

Pouring candles – easy, quick and without any prior knowledge

Discover the world of candle casting - from making sustainable candles to recycling leftover wax

Interior design trends 2024 – warmth, contrasts and biophilia

Warm colors and cleverly placed accents for home interior design – these are the top 5 interior trends in 2024

Green elegance: Sustainable sofas for a stylish home

Sustainable sofas combine timeless design and ecological responsibility for a new living culture

Algae: The green revolution in the fashion industry

The fashion industry has a new promising resource - seaweed. The sustainable raw material reduces environmental impact and offers fascinating possibilities

Soy wax candles: A beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative

Discover the variety of soy wax candles, the health and environmental benefits and where you can buy these eco candles

Get rid of ants: natural home remedies

Ants are often uninvited guests in houses and apartments. But instead of resorting to chemical weapons, there are environmentally friendly home remedies to get rid of the insects

MycoWorks opens facility to scale innovative leather alternatives

September 2023: MycoWorks will commission the world's first facility for commercial scaling of mushroom leather

Coldplay is revolutionizing touring with sustainability initiatives

Coldplay is pursuing a holistic agenda to make music touring sustainable - an interim result promises success of the ambition

Mylo production stop: Is scalability of innovation the Achilles' heel of the fashion industry?

Bolt Threads Pauses Production of Leading Leather Alternative Mylo – What It Means for Scaling Innovation in Fashion

Energy-efficient construction: tips for sustainable house construction

Energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role in house construction. The right measures and construction methods reduce the energy consumption of your home.

The German Design Council celebrates its 70th anniversary

The international competence center for design is celebrating its anniversary - and with it collaboration, talent promotion, innovation and sustainability

New Work: Sustainable office furniture in the office and what to look out for

In times of New Work, positive impulses count in the office and home office - sustainable office furniture plays a major role

Wooden bike: The durable eye-catcher for urban life

A wooden bicycle made from natural resources offers many advantages and is in no way inferior to conventional competitors in terms of design 

These impact-factor t-shirts belong in every capsule wardrobe

Sustainable T-shirts are more than a fashion statement - everything about material, seals and top 10 brands

Sustainable camping cookware: This is how camping can be even more environmentally friendly

Everything about sustainable camping dishes and the most beautiful products for your next camping trip

Project213A: Contemporary design meets sustainability and fairness

How Project213A implements a modern design aesthetic, timelessness and individualization with the help of sustainability and fairness

Tencel fabric Disadvantages and advantages of the innovative trend fiber

Gentle on the skin, biodegradable and a luxurious shine - find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the trend fiber Tencel here

How urban mining promises a waste-free future

Urban mining stands for sustainable and future-oriented raw material extraction. Everything about the innovative strategy for resource protection

Nontalo Kids: Where play, spontaneity and sustainability are in harmony

Design duo Eneris Collective launches Nontalo Kids - A modular and bio-based stool with a playful twist

News: GREENSTYLE brings fair fashion & education to Munich

The fashion industry needs to become more sustainable - this is exactly why GREENSTYLE creates awareness, reach and visibility for forward-looking changemakers

5 questions for Working Title founder Bjoern Kubeja

Fashion inspired by art and architecture – This is how high fashion is sustainable Interview Bjoern Kubeja, Co-Founder Working Title

Christmas window decorations: The 10 best ideas and Inspo 2023

The right decoration for every style. Ten creative ideas for a Christmas window decoration

Beatriz Morales stages sustainable art with “Where the Wild Things Grow”.

The Mexican artist Beatriz Morales shows her exhibition “Where the Wild Things Grow” – a tribute to her origins, nature and craftsmanship

Sustainable logos: The new status symbol of conscious fashion brands

More and more brands are modifying their brand symbols and launching sustainable logos as an expression of their commitment - but what does that mean?

Sustainable Swimwear: Brands and Facts for Fair Beach Vibes

Whether bikini or swimsuit - it doesn't matter. Everything is allowed this summer when it comes to swimwear. The main thing is sustainable swimwear

5 Questions to Next Gen Designer Sep Verboom

“If we as designers and consumers know nothing about the product, we cannot evaluate it” AN INTERVIEW WITH SEP VERBOOM, FOUNDER OF LIVABLE

Designer Gesa Hansen on her passion for future vintage

The sought-after designer talks about her personal style and why her passion for wood and vintage are the epitome of sustainable design. In an interview with Gesa Hansen, Founder “The Hansen Family”

Colour expert Annika Murjahn on innovative eco-colour culture

How Caparol Icons sets new standards for luxurious color concepts and sustainability on the European market for interior paints In an interview with Annika Murjahn, founder of CAPAROL ICONS

Bast Fiber Boom: Is Biomaterial the Next Normal in the Design Process?

Eco & slow design are en vogue. But what does sustainable design actually consist of? Everything to do with functional and aesthetic biomaterial

Experiencing design with all senses – Sebastian Herkner on Slow Design

The creative product designer transports culture and craftsmanship into the modern age In an interview with Sebastian Herkner, Product Designer

Sustainability and Hybrid Commerce: Consumer Trends 2022

GfK study sees sustainability as the top trend for the new year - these are the topics for retailers, manufacturers and consumers

Book Club: TrendBook Forecast 2022 | 23 - Retro, Organic Materials, New Minimalism

These 5 macro trends offer inspiration for interior design, accessories, fashion, colors and textures in 2022/23

Sustainable Christmas: ideas and resolutions for 2022

How does a sustainable Christmas work? We show you how to do it with simple tips about gifts, feasts and decorations

Artificial Christmas tree like real: 7 ideas for alternatives

Creative ideas and alternatives for fir trees and why the real fir tree is less sustainable

Eco Lingerie - The 10 most beautiful brands for sustainable underwear

 Ethical fashion also includes sustainable underwear - whether elegant and simple or sexy and playful, here are the most beautiful brands

New Year's Eve ideas 2024: Glamor and glitter in green

This year it's time to rethink traditions - here are creative ideas for a sustainable New Year's Eve party with the best of intentions

News: According to Kering, animal fur no longer has a place in the luxury industry

Kering continues its sustainable commitment by introducing a fur-free policy for all its labels. As of 2022, no house of the luxury group will use animal fur anymore

News: Nike is commercialises AirCarbon biomaterial for CO2 reduction

Nike is collaborating with biotech company Newlight Technologies to reduce its carbon footprint by using the biomaterial AirCarbon

Sustainable materials - new standards for the textile industry

More and more companies are focusing on sustainable materials, material innovation or preferred fibers and materials

Unique design items for the bathroom and kitchen made from wood chips

Woodio In partnership with German Design Award Waterproof solid wood composite material from almost climate-neutral production - the Woodio Soft40 received the special mention of the German Design Awards 2021 in the category "Eco Design" Design Story Designer Woodio Oy Winner Product Soft40 Design Feature Natural, innovative, lightweight

Book Club: Kuma – Japanese Architecture “Tradition meets the modern”

Our book tip of the month lets you discover the innovative architecture of the Japanese visionary Kengo Kuma with the beginning of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo

This yacht promotes the connection to nature

Silent-Yachts in partnership with German Design Award The Silent-Yacht 60 would like to use an innovative approach to remove the disadvantages of yachting and is the winner of the German Design Awards 2021 in the category "Aviation, Maritime & Railway" Design Story Designer Silent Yachts Trading GmbH Winner Product SILENT 60 Design Feature Modern, elegant, dynamic

Très Chic: Vegan dress shoes for women and men

No more sneakers - elegant shoes for all styles without animal suffering and with an ethical supply chain? Here are the most beautiful brands for vegan shoes for women and men

Green future powered by design - Green Trend Book 2021

The first round of recruiting for the Green Product and Green Concept Award 2022 is currently taking place - The Green Trend Book offers a sneak peek of what to expect.

Asket - slow fashion par excellence now also available for women

After the success of sustainable men's fashion, this Swedish start-up will also be offering women's fashion in the future, thus taking a stand against fast fashion

Sustainable design combines aesthetics and responsibility

 Young designers combine modern concepts with sustainable criteria and more and more traditional houses are following suit - welcome to the new perfection!

Top 10 size-inclusive brands promote female empowerment

Size-inclusive brands promote self-expression, diversity and even sustainability - here are our top 10 brands for female empowerment

Green Furniture Concept: Biophilic Design & Modularity for Public Interior

Johan Berhin, founder and designer of Green Furniture Concept, talks about natural design as a symbol of security and the importance of modularity and circularity for interiors in public places Interview with Johan Berhin, Founder & Designer

The art of Feng Shui: How to design your living room harmoniously

Feng Shui promises more tidiness and a cosy atmosphere. With these tips, you too can furnish your Feng Shui living room according to the Chinese theory of harmony. 

Luxury home gym: train at home in style

Even the training options have moved home within the past few months. But not only in times of a pandemic: with these devices you can create your own luxury home gym 

Scandinavian decoration: Plain and simple furnishings from the north

Less is more: Scandinavian decoration with lots of Nordic home accessories made from natural materials fit into any home 

Home office design: interior moods for more focus in the study room

For many, the workplace has moved into their own homes: We show you how to set up your home office and the most beautiful interior moods - functional, stylish and sustainable

Sustainable organic cashmere wool: Noble natural fiber, ethical and valuable

Hardly any other natural material is as soft and fine as the coveted cashmere. But there is sustainable cashmere and what does organic cashmere wool mean?

Pretty in Green: Top 5 designer labels for vegan handbags

Vegan fashion is the megatrend, but also a challenge, especially in the leather-affine accessories industry - we show our top picks for vegan handbags Follow

Synthetic diamonds: Innovative gemstones from the laboratory

For centuries, diamonds have been the source of controversial mining. But that could end now - are synthetic diamonds from the laboratory the future?

Dodds & Shute: Swedish furniture brands leading in terms of sustainability

No other country produces furniture as sustainably as Sweden. This finding has been shown in the new sustainability report from Dodds & Shute

News: Aveda products are now vegan and cruelty-free

All Aveda products are now 100% vegan - High-quality cosmetics that are good for the people, animals and environment

News: Adidas classics are coming back as vegan and sustainable versions

The iconic sneakers are coming back in a sustainable version: This year Adidas wants to bring vegan shoes made of mushroom leather to the market

The most beautiful furnishing ideas for your home

Furnishing ideas that combine functionality and beauty. We show trends and inspiration for modern interiors 2021

The best brands for stylish hemp jeans and clothing

Hemp is an underrated natural fiber that has found its way into the fashion industry: Here are the benefits for hemp clothing and the best brands for hemp jeans, jackets and more

Lyocell - Everything about the environmentally friendly material of the future

Wood fiber clothing? Sounds strange - but it's soft, health-friendly and sustainable. Discover everything about the miracle material Lyocell here

Minimalism: the conscious decision for more value

Minimalism represents the decision for more value and quality in life. We present 7 tips and impulse questions to implement the lifestyle

Sustainable packaging: order and ship in an environmentally friendly way

Ordering and sending packages is part of everyday life. However, since this can harm the environment, we show alternatives for sustainable packaging

Zero waste bathroom: oasis of wellbeing in the name of sustainability

Bathrooms are full of beauty and wellness products. However, these can only be really enjoyed if they can be used with a clear conscience. That works in the Zero Waste Bathroom

Wabi Sabi: Harmony through imperfect purism

Wabi Sabi represents the joy of clarity, the reflection on the essentials and the recognition of perfection in something imperfect. Discover the Japanese tradition, which has aspired to be a trend

Wallmakers House: Award-winning architecture with a sense of sustainability

Vinu Daniel is considered an architectural pioneer. His Wallmakers house Shikhara shows how he is revolutionizing modern house construction in the long term

Mottainai: The Art of Not Wasting

The Japanese Mottainai philosophy describes appreciation and respect for our resources. Discover how the concept promotes sustainability in everyday life

Heimtextil Trends 2021/22: “Nothing New, Everything New”

The international trade fair Heimtextil is a trendsetter as well as trend barometer for the textile industry. 2021 is considered to be the kickstart for a sustainable and digitized future

Vegan en vogue: Top 5 luxury labels for vegan clothing

Be it alternatives to fur or leather - these high-end labels design vegan clothing with a luxurious look, without any animal suffering

Organic cotton - the most important facts and the most beautiful brands

Key facts, tips on care, advantages and brands - we present everything you need to know about sustainable organic cotton

News: PANGAIA protects marine ecosystems through “Coral Reef Collection”

 The sustainable label PANGAIA is launching a new collection to draw attention to the threat to coral reefs and actively promote their protection

News: Y/Project launches sustainable “Evergreen” collection

 Y/Project's “Evergreen” capsule collection consists of the Parisian label's most popular pieces. And produced sustainably to promote environmental protection

Plastic Free July: A campaign month with everyday relevance

In order to protect the environment, Plastic Free July promotes the conscious use of (single-use) plastic. Take on the global challenge!

White gold know-how: Everything that glitters is gold

Exclusive white gold jewelry creations promise timeless joy. But why is white gold premium and where can you find the most beautiful jewelry?

Sustainable phone cases - With us, you are spoiled for choice!

There are stylish cell phone cases everywhere - but also sustainable ones? We show what's important: the best selection for sustainable cell phone cases and all the tips

Inspiration & ideas for home trends and design 5

As every year, there are many new ways to upgrade modern homes effortlessly as well as stylishly. These are the Top 5 interior home trends and design ideas 2020

Cruelty-free it-pieces: Vegan belts for men and women

More and more consumers are committed to animal welfare and are calling for vegan accessories. We show functional and stylish must-haves: vegan belts

Green Glam: These are the trendiest ethical make up brands

Slowly but surely, the organic beauty trend has moved from niche to mainstream. We show 5 Green Beauty brands for natural beauty care

Plants for a good indoor climate - myth or fact?

The fact that plants improve the indoor climate is controversial - we show what is really true of the myth and how you can guarantee to optimize your well-being with a few green accents

Nature & art: A centuries-long relationship, evolving from Earth Works to modernity

Artists have always combined nature and art - from land art to modernity, these are the creative approaches

Nike News: New program to accentuate the sustainable products of the sports fashion giant

One click, all sustainable products at a glance - With this simple function, Nike drives sustainability in the fashion industry

Second hand designer fashion: How to find exclusive designer treasures

Whether Hermés Birkin Bag or Balenciaga Streetstyles - you can sell old designer treasures and find new ones on these platforms for high-end second-hand online shopping - in the context of the circular economy

Top 10 brands for ethical men's clothing

 Get involved socially and for the environment by dressing stylishly and confidently - fair fashion for men makes it possible

Easter decorations made by yourself and from fine natural materials

Decorate and give away for Easter. Modern design ideas that are stylish and durable. Easter decorations are made in-house or come from fine natural materials.

Top 10 sustainable & ethical fashion brands for women

Doing good in style more stylish than ever - with these brands you dress luxuriously and extravagantly, while protecting the environment and acting socially

Green cosmetics - What is behind it?

Clean beauty, vegan, organic or natural cosmetics - these are the differences and these ingredients belong on the no-go list

Green Tech Gadgets - These are the Top 5 Must Haves in 2020

Whether it's a phone case, tablet holder or a lighting system for the home - Green Tech is on the advance and offers new ideas to combine technology and design

Solid wood or solid timber? Here's everything you need to know about woods and the differences between them  

Living & building with the most sustainable raw material in the world. Wood appeals to us aesthetically and also ensures a pleasant room climate. Whether solid wood, solid wood or real wood - we explain the differences

Go green in the bathroom - morning rituals for body and the environment

Welcome to your personal natural body spa: Morning rituals can work wonders in health. We show which daily routines protect our planet and inspire the body

Designer portrait - Guillaume Alan defines minimalist luxury on a new level

With his focus on aesthetic restraint, the French exceptional designer counts on the essence of things and the search for the essential

New Heritage Festival - Buy things that matter

Festival for manufactured products and timeless design - review of a successful event

Terrazzo - the designer scene's favorite for La Dolce Vita

Terrazzo as new star of the international design scene. The colorful flooring exudes Mediterranean flair, lightness and elegance. Get to know the zero-emission eye-catcher

Sustainable leather – we show the alternatives from animal to vegan

Leather is a durable and, above all, high-quality material for clothing, shoes, bags and furniture. Production and processing using conventional methods is, however, questionable. We show the alternatives for sustainable leather

Ethical Gold: About the Responsibility of the Jewelry Industry

The fashion industry is becoming more and more sustainable, but what about the jewelry industry? We show what is hidden behind the term ethical gold and what fair gold mining looks like

Wall design inspired by historic villas and châteaus

The wall design can give the living space a completely new effect. With its historical colors, Little Greene creates a plague world of styles for your own home

Green Living Interior Design: Here's how to make your modern, chic and green home improvements

Beauty and a sense of responsibility are not mutually exclusive. Green Living stands for stylish furnishings and a conscious lifestyle. With these interior design tips, you can also do it in your own four walls

Sustainable organic colors - Naturally beautiful

With color nuances for a higher standard of living in your own four walls. Sustainable organic colors ensure a non-toxic well-being

Beautiful textiles for sustainable furniture

Sustainable furniture made from natural fabrics and materials. Cotton, silk, hemp and synthetic leather. We show the most beautiful fabrics for your interior design

High-end designer objects made from natural materials

Award-winning designer armchairs, elegant high fashion and trend-setting tech gadgets - all these luxury items can only be enjoyed to the fullest if they are made from natural materials. Nowadays artificial substances are often used, which look like their natural predecessors, but are contaminated with pollutants and can be harmful to health. Discover brands, current news and trends related to natural materials here.

Super soft fabrics with incomparable comfort

High-end fashion made from natural materials such as organic cotton or linen is not only flattering to the figure, but also good for the environment and health. Sustainable slow fashion for men or fair fashion for women made from natural materials can be found right here. In addition, current collections launched by well-known fashion brands made from natural materials and everything worth knowing such as values ​​and stories behind the environmentally conscious designers.

Interior goals: aesthetics, quality & a pleasant indoor climate

Even those who want to furnish sustainably are in the right place here. Beautiful parquet made of real wood or organic colors as well as wallpaper give your home a stylish update, while meeting the demands of aesthetics, quality and environmental, animal and human protection. Here you will find brands for furniture made of natural materials as well as tips and tricks to find the right material for your interior. We show what is important.