Zero Waste is a philosophy of life with a focus on waste prevention and resource conservation. Reuse, extending lifecycles, and redesigning workflows are just a few of the ways. Here's how Zero Waste works and how it can easily be implemented.

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How to ... Zero waste

Zero waste is much more than just a trend. It is a philosophy of life that focuses on avoiding waste in order to protect natural resources and the environment. There are many ways to implement the Zero Waste Lifestyle. From avoiding packaging and recycling to tips for alternative products, we present ways in which sustainability can be promoted by avoiding waste.

Live and consume consciously through the Zero Waste guiding principle

With the help of simple tricks, small habits can be changed in everyday life, through which Zero Waste can be lived. For inspiration, we present experts who have perfected the sustainable lifestyle. In addition, everyday hacks for routines such as visiting the market or recommendations for alternative products that are essential in the household. These prove that zero waste does not mean giving up. Rather, we better present variants of conventional products that do not compromise on functionality or design - but protect the environment.

Less emissions and resource conservation through zero waste

While private recycling in particular offers creative recycling and upcycling to implement zero waste, companies are also developing innovative approaches. For this, work processes are redesigned. In the interior industry, for example, wood waste from the furniture manufacturer is used in the manufacture of other furniture and the fashion industry is also involved. Instead of throwing away scraps of fabric, they are used to create new designs. Methods that are far more energy and water efficient than conventional alternatives.

Everything about Zero Waste Business Models & Brands

In addition to effective strategies for reuse, future-oriented business models that are zero waste are also developing. More and more platforms offer objects, furniture and clothing for rent, so that short-lived trends are not consumed unconsciously and are disposed of again after just a few years. As a result, second-hand and auction platforms are becoming increasingly popular as they expand the life cycles of products. You can discover which platforms implement zero waste here for waste-free consumer behavior.