Top 6 brands for augmented reality shopping experiences

We show 6 examples of how brands implement the augmented reality trend and thus set new standards in terms of innovation

Augmented Reality Red Dot Design Award winner Porsche AR App
Image source: press portal

Author: July Becker

  • Augmented reality shopping and fitting rooms are increasingly being hyped
  • Especially for online shopping AR has great potential
  • Not just fashion retailers, but auto as well Paint maker use AR

Augmented Reality Shopping - also known as Virtual Reality Shopping - is no longer science fiction, but an integral part of the major marketing strategy Companies. After all, it improves both online shopping and the in-store shopping experience.

According to a study by Fortune Business Insights, virtual dressing rooms in particular will experience a hype. The market value for virtual fitting rooms is expected to increase from USD 2.4 billion today to USD 10 billion in 2027. This would mean an end to dusty and poorly ventilated dressing rooms.

Especially in view of the pandemic, the demand for virtual fitting rooms is expected to increase rapidly. Companies use such modern systems to give their customers the best possible shopping experience. We present the five most impressive brands that are already using AR shopping today.

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These 6 brands show how augmented reality shopping is revolutionizing the retail landscape

1. Gucci

The Italian fashion company and manufacturer of general luxury goods shows what sophisticated augmented reality shopping looks like. Since the middle of last year, customers have been able to use an AR feature in the Gucci app Try on from home. To do this, the smartphone camera in the Gucci app must be pointed at the feet. Whether chunky sneakers or filigree models - you can then choose from 19 different sneakers, which are then projected onto your own feet.

2 Porsche

With its digital 'Porsche Brand Academy', Porsche has established extensive internal brand training. The luxury automobile manufacturer has even won the renowned Red Dot Award in the "Interface & UX" and "Brand Design & Identity" categories. The creative system of web-based AR and interactive 8D content was developed together with and 3th Wall technology. Employees go on a journey through the history of the brand in a virtual Porsche and support the construction of a car. In this way, employee loyalty is digitally increased worldwide. Customers certainly don't have to wait long for an experience like this.

3. Dulux

The paint manufacturer Dulux uses a for its virtual reality shopping Visualization app. This means that surfaces and walls can be virtually painted by potential customers. This allows new wall colors to be perfectly matched to your own four walls. The long search in the hardware store for the right wall color is a thing of the past.

ar dulux

Source & Copyright by Dulux


The French cosmetics chain Sephora has been providing its customers with a great augmented reality shopping tool since 2016: "Visual artist”. With the Sephora app, customers can see how certain products (e.g. lipstick, mascara and eye shadow) look on their own face. This makes it quick and easy to find out whether a color goes well with your complexion and hair - without having to go to a store.

are sephora

5. Foot locker

In addition to the classic projection feature, augmented reality shopping also offers the option of breathing life into static objects and images. Foot Locker shows you how to do this correctly. A Snapchat AR filter causes a three-dimensional LeBron James to pop out of a poster. After the basketball player himself one Video of it tweetedFoot Locker landed a real social media hit with it.

6 Toyota

In 2019, Toyota unveiled its Hybrid Virtual Reality shopping app, which gives customers a better understanding of the compact-class C-HR model. By pointing the smartphone at the car, the app shows what the Toyota C-HR looks like from the inside. In addition, it is possible to interact with some elements of the vehicle, so that the customer learns even more about how the engine, battery, fuel tank and the like work.



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