The best food waste apps against food waste

With these top food waste apps you can support local business and prevent food waste

Food waste apps
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Author: Hanna Lina Werner

Brave the new type of tea in the supermarket or miss the best-before date of your favorite yogurt again. There are endless reasons why people and businesses throw away a terrifying amount of food every day. Numerous food waste apps draw attention to this problem and help to ensure that less food ends up in the trash in the long term.

How food waste apps help reduce food waste

Every year there are around 12 million tons Wasted food. This high number is made up of different areas. However, over half of all food waste is generated in private households. Every German throws loudly Food center in addition, an average of 75kg of food per year is simply gone. But also Restaurants or bakeries regularly dispose of foodthat would still be edible.

There are now numerous food waste apps that use different approaches to counteract food waste and encourage users to save food.

The food waste apps follow different approaches

Some provide information about leftover meals as well as food that users can pick up at a lower price in restaurants or other participating local shops. Others, in turn, offer private consumers the option of their leftover food to give away to each other.

The 7 best food waste apps against food waste

1. Too good to go

The name is program. With the Food Waste app Too good to go offers delicious leftover boxes from local restaurants for sale just before the store closes. Doing something good while saving and also making new culinary discoveries in your own city invites you to save food.

2. ResQ Club

The Food Waste app works in a similar way to “Too Good to Go” ResQ Club. In the international app, users can use a map, depending on their own location, to see which restaurants or local businesses are offering their leftover food at the end of the day for a lower price. This makes it perfect for travellingto discover great new restaurants in the respective city and do good at the same time.

3. UXA

The problem is widespread: too much was bought and now it stands Holiday or a business trip just outside the door. The Food Waste App offers you to ensure that the excess food in the refrigerator does not develop a life of its own or even end up in the garbage UXA its users through so-called foodsharing, the possibility of other foods in a Map to register and give away. The groceries are then ready for collection at an agreed time.

4. Too good for the bin

At Too good for the bin it is an awareness campaign by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The app provides numerous tips on shopping, inventory planning, shelf life and optimal storage of food. A particularly great feature are the more than 400 recipes that the app provides for recycling leftover food.

5. Eat Smarter

No more excess leftovers in the fridge and if you do, then simply boil them up - the Food Waste app takes care of that Eat smarter. The users are provided with suitable recipes for recycling their own leftovers. The dishes can be filtered according to different categories. In addition to avoiding food waste, a diet that focuses on your own health and Fitness to be striven for.

6. Eating and drinking

Who does not know it: various leftovers in the refrigerator that do not go together and no idea what to cook out of them. The app Eating and Drinking offers a variety of recipe suggestions if a certain food is to be processed, but the brilliant cooking idea is still missing. In this way, the users of the app can both recycle leftover food and discover delicious new dishes that they might otherwise never have cooked.

7. Olio

The food waste app Oil maps the concept of food sharing digitally. Both private individuals and local companies can offer their other groceries in the app for collection. This concept is perfect because it prevents any bad purchases from simply ending up in the trash. What is particularly nice about this application is the combination of food rescue and social exchange, because often you give another person great joy by giving away food.


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