Learning made easy: The top 10 learning apps for quick success

From languages ​​to meditation to classic brain training: Here are the hottest learning apps to get smarter

Learning apps

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Whether it's Brush teeth, on the train or in the waiting room. It's never been easier to keep your brain active. If you want to fill your free minutes in everyday life with something useful, you can use numerous apps on your smartphone. With just one small learning unit per day, the brain is regularly fed with new information, synapses form faster and the longer these apps are used, the easier daily learning becomes. We present the 10 best apps here.

The most important things about learning apps at a glance:

  • Learning apps for mobile phones provide a broader range of knowledge in just a few minutes a day
  • From languages ​​to meditation to classic brain training, I can now use an app to further my education in almost every area
  • Many of the apps presented here work excellently even without a premium version, so the learning successes here are free

These 10 learning apps make you smarter

These learning apps can be easily downloaded from the App or Play Store and will help you in a specific subject area:

AppSubjectFree versionfull version
Duolingo LanguagesYes, basic content€ 6,50 per month
Headspacerelaxation and meditationYes, small selection€ 13 per month
TEDLectures in various industriesJaFree
PeakCognitive abilitiesYes, small selection€ 4,50 per month
ElevateBrain joggingYes, small selection€ 8 per month
getAbstractBook contentsNo€ 30 per month
LinkedIn LearningCross-industryNoFrom €15 per month
DailyArtArt and art historyYes, small selection€ 6 per month
Ultimate Factsgeneral knowledgeYes, with advertisements€ 4,50 per month
seterraGeographical knowledgeJaFree

1. Duolingo

The language learning app Duolingo is equally popular with schoolchildren, students and adults. Dozens of languages ​​are available. Short, entertaining lessons and sophisticated motivation mechanisms ensure that words and phrases in the new language are mastered within a very short time. Even without a premium version, you can learn a new language to a high level over time.

What can you learn? A variety of languages.

Is there a free version? The Duolingo free version is sufficient for the basic learning content.

What does the paid version offer? Duolingo Super costs €6,50 per month and offers freedom from advertising as well as other supporting tools

2 Headspace

Headspace has made it its mission to introduce stressed people to relaxation and meditation techniques. Anyone who has ever tried to relax without instructions and failed miserably will really enjoy Headspace. The app is also visually appealing, offers a lot of content even in the free version and is a wonderful way to really relax for a few minutes a day.

What can you learn? A range of relaxation and meditation techniques.

Is there a free version? The freemium model only includes a small selection of meditations.

What does the paid version offer? The Headspace full version offers a large selection of relaxation and meditation techniques and costs €13 for a monthly subscription and €58 for an annual subscription.

3. TED

Almost everyone has probably seen a TED talk at least once. And the exciting lecture videos have long been available not only on YouTube. The TED app puts the knowledge of hundreds of activists, industry professionals and media gurus in your pocket. Even offline if you wish, as videos can also be downloaded. Practical: New videos are regularly suggested on the homepage that you might otherwise have missed. In addition, a perfect command of the English language is not necessary because the app plays subtitles in more than 100 languages.

What can you learn? The content that is discussed in the TED talks offered.

Is there a free version? The free version offers all options.

What does the paid version offer? There is no paid version.

4 Peak

Peak is a classic learning app that can be used to train different cognitive skills: logic, attention, mathematics, etc. The selection is large. The games are a lot of fun and the integrated statistics motivate you to become even better. The premium version offers significantly more games, but the free version of the learning app is completely sufficient for in between.

What can you learn? A variety of cognitive skills can be trained.

Is there a free version? The app already offers a manageable selection of games without a subscription.

What does the paid version offer? Peak Pro provides many exercises, personalized workouts, statistics and recordings. One month costs €4,50, 6 months €22 and one year costs €31.

5. Rise

Elevate also offers classic brain training. The “Personal Trainer for the Brain” has around 35 games that make the synapses smoke. It has therefore already been named Apple's App of the Year. Tracking your own performance ensures clear goals and regular success stories. An annual subscription is comparatively expensive, but the free version of the learning app is sufficient for great learning experiences.

What can you learn? At Elevate you can train your brain.

Is there a free version? The free version provides a reduced range of functions.

What does the paid version offer? Elevate Pro costs €8 for a monthly subscription, €40 for a year and €150 for lifetime access. The Pro version offers access to premium learning materials and exclusive study tools.

6. Get abstract

Top books for leadership development skills are summarized here. At getAbstract Each summary is formatted and prepared using the same template. This means you can learn the essential content of each book in 10 minutes. Each summary includes a rating, a recommendation, top takeaways, a full summary, important quotes, an author bio, and a link to the original source. The paid version is required.

What can you learn? Book content is provided in a compressed version.

Is there a free version? There is no free version, but you can test the app for free for 3 days.

What does the paid version offer? Get Abstract costs €30 for a monthly subscription and €300 for an annual subscription.

7 LinkedIn Learning

There are over 16.000 training courses and tutorials on offer here. Renowned experts speak LinkedIn Learning about business, technology and creative topics. The offering puts together personalized recommendations based on stated interests, on-demand courses and interactive formats. This way everyone can increase their personal learning curve. There are around 50 new courses in the range every week. Membership is required.

What can you learn? There are four plans: Career, Business, Sales Navigator Core and Recruiter Lite.

Is there a free version? There is no free version, just a free trial month.

What does the paid version offer? Depending on the tariff, the monthly costs are: €15, €44, €79 or €123.

8. DailyArt

DailyArt is a user-friendly learning app specifically designed for everyday use. The app presents a new work of art every day and offers easy-to-understand background information and short explanations. It allows users to easily and gradually expand their knowledge of art and art history without spending a lot of time. It's a great way to integrate art into your everyday life and promote your cultural education.

What can you learn? DailyArt provides basic knowledge about art and art history.

Is there a free version? The freemium model includes a sufficient range of options.

What does the paid version offer? The DailyArt Premium Version offers a selection of additional options and unlimited access to the masterpieces. The monthly subscription costs €6 and the annual subscription costs €35.

Learning Apps - DailyArt

Source & Copyright by DailyArt

9. Ultimate Facts

The user-friendly learning app Ultimate Facts offers daily interesting and short facts on a variety of topics, including science, history, technology and more. It enables users to expand their knowledge in a playful way. Ultimate Facts is a great way to integrate bits of knowledge into everyday life and promotes continuous learning in an easy and fun way.

What can you learn? The learning app allows users to learn short facts from a wide range of topics.

Is there a free version? The free version offers almost all functions including advertisements.

What does the paid version offer? The premium version unlocks even more options, such as access to audio content. This costs €4,50 for a monthly subscription and €26,50 for an annual subscription.

Learning Apps - Ultimate Facts

Source & Copyright by Ultimate Facts (App Store)

10. Seterra

The learning app offers a variety of interactive geography quizzes that allow users to improve their knowledge of countries, capitals, flags and geographical regions in a playful way. seterra is a fun way to deepen knowledge of world geography while promoting brain fitness. With its simple user interface, the app is ideal for integrating geography into everyday life.

What can you learn? Knowledge about countries, capitals, flags and geographical regions can be learned in a playful way.

Is there a free version? The free version offers all functions.

What does the paid version offer? There is no paid version.

Learning Apps - Seterra

Source & Copyright by Seterra

Quick success with learning apps

It is particularly easy for the brain to learn when it is regularly confronted with learning material. With learning apps you can expand your knowledge every day without much effort. Although apps are built in such a way that you can quickly access essential information, consistency is still important: Don't give up after just one week. If you really want to learn sustainably, you integrate knowledge acquisition into your daily routine. You will notice that more and more information is being retained. So stick to your guns and you'll soon be able to impress with exciting facts or a new language!


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