Bill Gates - MIT's Breakthrough Technologies in 2019

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the first guest author to compile the MIT list of breakthrough innovations for 2019. That is how they could change our lives.

WITH Bill Gates 2019
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Every March, MIT Technology Review publishes a list of top technology trends and innovations. The "MIT Breakthrough Technologies for 2019" should shape people's lives this year. The choice of guest author Bill Gates is a paradigm shift. Gates, who already predicted the dominance of the PC and the Internet at that time, puts a new focus on life and the environment in its listing.

Technology trends for a longer and better life

The groundbreaking innovations this year cover two main areas, health and the environment. Inventions like a personalized anti-cancer vaccine, an ECG bracelet, a blood test to prevent premature birth or a minimalist gastric tube in the form of a capsule to save lives and extend. Other inventions should in turn secure the existence of humanity. Such as a CO2 catcher, novel nuclear reactors or meat-free burgers.

Advances in artificial intelligence

This is how robots are getting better and better at dealing flexibly with objects and human language. So if machines not only reserve a table in the restaurant, but in the near future help people in need of care, they could actually make life easier. The focus of science is increasingly on the well-being of people in everyday life, but also in old age. Many of the innovations presented are milestones, but still raise many new questions.

Bill Gates Pioneering Technologies for 2019

  1. New Robot Skill - Robots learn independently to deal with new objects.
  2. Nuclear power plants of the future - New designs of fission and fusion reactors are supposed to lead nuclear energy more safely and more favorably into the future.
  3. Predictions of preemies - Pregnancy blood tests calculate the likelihood of premature birth.
  4. Intestinal probe in a pill - Swallowing this small device makes anesthesia unnecessary, even in infants and infants applicable.
  5. Personalized cancer vaccination - The vaccine causes the body's immune system to recognize and fight only cancer cells.
  6. The Cow Free Burger - Herbal and laboratory-developed meat alternatives come very close to the taste of the original and are gentle on the environment.
  7. Carbon dioxide catcher - Cost-effective and practical developments suck CO2 from the air and support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  8. An ECG on the wrist - Officially approved devices allow continuous monitoring of heart activity on the wrist.
  9. Toilets without sewerage - These energy-efficient toilets process waste without on-site sewerage, especially useful in emerging markets.
  10. Better language comprehension for AI assistants - New techniques allow better capture of semantic relationships between words and make it easier to understand speech in AI devices.

Click here for the Interview MIT Review with Bill Gates.

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