Greentech Festival 2024: Reinvention with Messe Berlin

With Messe Berlin as the venue, the Greentech Festival in 2024 will not only grow in size, but also expand its program

Green Tech Festival
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Author: House of Eden

  • Green Tech Festival at Messe Berlin from May 15th to 17th, 2024
  • The program on four stages and high-profile visitors give hope for political discourse
  • Artificial intelligence as a hot topic for sustainable change

With Messe Berlin as the venue, the Greentech Festival 2024 from May 15th to 17th will not only grow in size, but will also be presented with a diverse program on four stages. The Main and Deep Dive Stages (both accessible exclusively with Conference Pass), the Solution Stage and the E.ON New Energy Stage. This year, numerous representatives from politics and science will also be taking part under the motto “Accelerating Change from Berlin”. The vision is to create an intersection between politics, business and innovation.

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Political presence and prominence

On May 16th, Federal Minister for the Environment and Nature Conservation Steffi Lemke will host the festival together with the co-founder at 10 a.m Marco Voigt open. As in the previous year, the event will be moderated by the multilingual entertainer and host Gillord Pisas. At the same time, Finance Minister Christian Lindner welcomes visitors to the “Conference”, while Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey opens the doors to the “Exhibition” for this year’s exhibitors.

Political representatives will also be on stage throughout the rest of the day: whether at the panel discussion on “AI & Data Drive Sustainability” by Franziska Brandner or Sahra Wagenknecht’s fireside chat on social acceptance and economic policy in the climate crisis. Last but not least, Claudia Müller gives the opening speech for the UN World Food Program's startup pitch session in the Palais.

Handelsblatt Summit with AI focus

The current AI boom is also bringing the question of the use of technology to achieve sustainable goals into focus for companies. The Handelsblatt Summit is about effective and competitive strategies as well as best practice examples. In addition to Steffi Lemke and actor Sebastian Weber, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport Volker Wissing will also discuss AI as a driver for green innovation and process optimization.

Visitors to the summit will gain an insight into how decision-makers and pioneers from various sectors and industries throw the balls together for a better tomorrow. Handelsblatt is one of the new premium partners of the Greentech Festival this year.

Program accompanied by art and music

This year the program will also be accompanied by music. The main act this year is the musician Kamrad, known for his hit “I believe”. Violinist Jördis Tielsch will perform the song with the title “The River is Me” that fits the event. It is inspired by David Freid's documentary film of the same name about the Whanganui River in New Zealand - a river with official personality rights. In addition, the artist Alexej Sachov presents his work “Chronicles of an Emerging Diversity”. The series shows how man-made garbage becomes mystical underwater creatures.

What comes after Greentech Festival 2024 Berlin?

Bringing people together to celebrate and explore successes and possibilities for sustainability – that is the mission of the Greentech Festival. To achieve this, the festival will also take place in Berlin, London, Los Angeles and Singapore. Anyone interested in sustainability can look forward to an open exchange with various parties from industry, politics and the start-up scene.

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