Mobility trends 2022: Changes under the sign of the automotive reset

Mobility Trends 2022: Digitalisation, drive alternatives as well as inclusion and diversification are the focus of mobility trends

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Only recently, the European Union Commission presented its latest proposals to combat climate change. From 2035 onwards, no new vehicles with internal combustion engines are to be registered. In this way, the Commission hopes to achieve the climate targets and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.This will make it easier for new engines to enter the market and accelerate progress and development. The electric motor in particular has already made it to the winner of the alternative drive systems. E-Volution: A huge trend for future mobility.

In his book "Mobility Report 2022" in collaboration with the Zukunftsinstitut Dr. Stefan Carsten presents the mobility trends of tomorrow.

Mobility trends 2022 as an automotive reset

We are currently experiencing major changes in many industries and markets. These are primarily driven by tougher climate policies and progress in research and development. More than ever, the automotive industry in particular is also undergoing change. Digitalization, climate targets as well as diversification and inclusion stand for radical change here as well. It seems to be a new start in which entirely new stakeholders have a chance to help shape the market and traditional players have to learn from innovations. Mobility as we know it today will change significantly within the next few years. The automotive industry and the way mobility is defined and lived is about to be reset.

Overview of the trends recognized within the Mobility Trend 2022

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Mobility trends 2022 at a glance

1. Energy places

With the growth of electrified mobility, the image of traditional petrol stations in a state of transition. Many nations and some automobile manufacturers have already announced the end of the combustion engine. However, in order to make electromobility, or also propulsion by hydrogen, possible as actual alternatives, the expansion of the infrastructure is necessary above all. In the future, gas stations will become energy places, energy spaces for mobility.

2. Front door mobility

Only 20% of all journeys do not start or end at one's own front door. New ways of living, such as car-free zones in residential areas, are creating new and innovative ways of designing and ensuring mobility at home, especially in terms of sustainability and quality of life. Green architecture also involves mobility. In the future, parking areas will no longer dominate the cityscape. Instead, the focus will be on sharing concepts.

3. Xycles

Cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam are already showing the way. Particularly in the last mile, bicycles are becoming more than just a means of transport within new mobility concepts as cargo bikes, courier vehicles or commuter vehicles. Thanks to future-oriented infrastructures and sustainable mobility and urban concepts, in the future xycles will also become a status symbol and stand for multifunctional mobility.

4. Neofencing

The application of geofencing technology will create new opportunities in cities in the future and take a major step towards autonomous cities. Especially the aspects of sustainability and safety will be strengthened and improved. New public transport partnerships can be established, more electrification as well as an increase in mobility possibilities will result from the virtual boundaries.

Mobility Report 2022 - topics & industry insight


In the near future, combustion engines will no longer be part of the mobility picture. Electromobility in particular stands for a clean as well as healthy alternative, which is leading the way in this transformation. Now that more and more industry players have confirmed the future potential of electric propulsion systems, the holistic restructuring is particularly necessary. This will increase significantly, especially in 2022.

New operators, new products and new vehicles will significantly change mobility as we know it today. The entire automotive industry is thus facing a reset in which we can rediscover and redefine our future mobility.


Femobility stands for mobility by and for women. The inclusion of women in the design, recording and analysis of mobility concepts is long overdue. In other markets, too, it has already become apparent that female needs and approaches are increasingly coming into focus and reshaping the future. In the future, mobility concepts should also stand for more diversity as well as inclusion. In the future, there will be more understanding of the concerns, products and requirements by female players in the industry.

Connecting the countryside

So far, sustainable mobility offers such as local public transport, sharing concepts for bicycles, scooters, cars or ride sharing, as well as a combination of all offers, is only possible in urban areas.In the future, we will increasingly experience the inclusion of rural areas. Rigid guidelines of the past must be avoided and the needs of the local people must be put in the center. Changing mobility also means including and connecting people outside of urban areas.

Source: Zukunftsinstitut from the trend study Mobility Report 2022


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Stefan Carsten Mobility Trends 2022

About the author: Dr. Stefan Carsten

Dr. Stefan Carsten works as a futuristic urban and mobility researcher for the development of urban concepts as well as strategies. Through analyses, evaluations and questioning, he makes future and environmental forecasts in the international arena in order to shape a sustainable society. Since 2014, Dr. Stefan Carsten works as a consultant and speaker for transformation strategies as well as trends and change management. As a lecturer at the Stuttgart University of Technology, he has been teaching the trends and challenges of smart cities since 2018.


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