News: #CelebrateChange in Berlin as part of the Greentech Festival

 Over 100 exhibitors presented their innovative and green inventions for a sustainable future as part of the Greentech Festival

Nico Rosberg greentech festival
Nico Rosberg Founder GREENTECH FESTIVAL Source: GREENTECH FESTIVAL, Copyright & Photographer: Ulf Büschleb

Author: Lara-Sophie Buckow

  • Large audience for sustainable and green projects
  • Awards for pioneering companies and personal commitment
  • Greentech Festival soon also in New York City and London

Greentech Festival: gathering of sustainable projects for green change

Sustainability and green technologies are the focus of the Greentech Festival. Founded by Nico Rosberg, Marco Voigt and Sven Krüger and supported by well-known brands, those who want to shape our future more sustainably come together here. The three-day festival counted over 100 exhibitors and more than 150 speakers from all over the world. A total of 3.000 visitors took part in the digital-analog hybrid event to exchange and promote ideas and concepts.

Green Awards for innovative ideas

As part of the festival, pioneering projects were also recognized and awarded in various categories. Reyhan Jamalova won in the Youngster category. She founded Rainergy at the age of 14. A company that generates energy from rainwater. Liquid Nanoclay, a development by Desert Control, won in the Innovation category. The company manages to convert natural clay into a liquid and thus reverses desertification. This will reduce water consumption for green ecosystems. Primitives Biodesign, which produces biodegradable packaging from algae, won the Start-Up category. The material can easily be composted at home. Natafilm won in the Impact category for its pioneering work in drip irrigation. Their technology can save up to 70% water during irrigation.

Recognition of many years of pioneer work for climate protection

In addition, special prizes were awarded to world-famous personalities who have shown a high level of commitment in the field of climate protection. Hollywood legend and environmental activist Robert Redford received the award for "Lifetime Achievement male" for his educational work with film and media. The fashion designer Vivienne Westwood was presented with the “Lifetime Achievement female” award for her work in the field of sustainable fashion. Jochen Zeitz, President and CEO of Harley Davidson, received the “Green Leader Award” for his long-term commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Greentech Festival goes international

With well-known national and international guests, the Greentech Festival proved to be a relevant event for green solutions for a sustainable future. This year, the event will go international at two new locations. The festival will take place in New York City from September 30th to October 01st following the Climate Week. As part of the UN climate conference, the third Greentech Festival will then be held in London from November 04th to 05th. Further global decision-makers are to come together to work on projects for green change. The aim is to use this work to inspire more and more people with sustainable ideas and projects in order to promote green change.



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