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The Volvo pioneer in innovative hybrid and electrical technology

Polestar Precept, source and copyright by Polestar

Author: July Becker

  • A car brand with a focus on sustainability, digital technology as well as design
  • Polestar Precept: the latest model as a pioneer of sustainable hybrid and electric cars
  • Fully electric model Polstar 2 can now be ordered in Germany

The Volvo subsidiary, Polestar Auto, has been a pioneer in the field of hybrid and Electric cars. The new Polestar Precept model was announced digitally in February and detailed planning is now to follow. If you can't wait until then, you can now order the fully electric Polestar 2 model in Germany at a price from 57.900 euros.

The three pillars of Polestar and their specification in the Polestar Precept

The new Polestar car is clearly committed to sustainability. The name “Precept”, in German “Principle”, speaks for itself and is therefore a clear commitment to the three key points that the Swedish company represents: sustainability, digital technology and design. This is already proven by the interior, which is completely vegan and scores with a high proportion of recycled components. The seats and the headliner are also made of recycled PET bottles and are knitted in a 3D process, which saves material. The carpets are made of ECONYL®, a sustainable nylon yarn that is also popular in the luxury fashion industry.


Source and Copyright by Polestar

A further development of the infotainment system of the Polestar Auto forms the second important pillar of the company, digital technology. Also on board is driver identification via the 15-inch interface, a multilingual Google Assistant and a sophisticated eye tracking system.

New visual standards with an aerodynamically slim look

In terms of design, the Volvo subsidiary goes its own way and breaks away from previous visual standards in the automotive industry, which results in an aerodynamic, sleek look. The front wing is integrated into the bonnet and therefore reduces turbulence, which increases the range of the Polestar Precept. The rear doors also open to the rear. The door handles can be sunk into the body.

The Polestar Precept with futuristic features proves that sustainable luxury is possible in every industry. Hopefully other automobile manufacturers will follow suit.


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