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There are stylish cell phone cases everywhere - but also sustainable ones? We show what's important: the best selection for sustainable cell phone cases and all the tips

sustainable cell phone case
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What are the characteristics of sustainable cell phone cases? They are mostly made up of sustainable materials like cork, bamboo, felt or even recycled plastic. A large number of providers also guarantee the style effect, but always make sure that the cell phone case fits the smartphone before buying. Here are all tips about sustainable cell phone cases and the top 10 brands.

Sustainable cell phone cases as a fashion statement for environmental protection

While cell phone cases have long been available in a wide variety of designs, a new and extremely important trend is becoming increasingly popular: sustainable cell phone cases. This development is urgently needed with regard to environmental protection. Around 1,5 billion cell phone cases are thrown away every year.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the average useful life of a smartphone is just 22 months. If these are over, there are usually new models to replace them - including the old case due to new designs as well Technology however no longer fits. If you no longer like a cell phone case simply because of its aesthetics, it will of course be replaced.

Conventional cases are largely made of plastic, for which large amounts of petroleum are used. In addition, plastic does not decompose itself for decades and therefore poses a threat to all kinds of water. Eco-friendly cell phone cases are therefore a very good and environmentally friendly alternative. But what exactly makes a cell phone case sustainable?

This is what makes sustainable cell phone cases so special

Ecological phone cases are made of materials that do not damage the environment and are biodegradable. These include bamboo and cork (renewable raw materials) and bio-plastic.

  • bamboo is a particularly rapidly renewable raw material that does not die off after harvest, but continues to grow. With a growth rate of up to three meters per day and basic robustness, a mobile phone case is over bamboo is therefore sustainable and stable.
  • cork consists of the bark of the cork oak and has become a widely used material. For example, many are likely to cork soles . Cork is environmentally friendly because it consists of the bark of the cork oak and trees do not have to be felled accordingly. In addition, peeled cork oaks process more CO2 than unshelled, which is why the climate is also protected.
  • Bio plastics consist of different raw materials depending on the manufacturer. For example, corn starch, plant fibers or wheat straw are used. Bio-plastics are therefore biodegradable and completely do without fossil resources such as oil.
  • Recycled plastics and especially plastic from the sea are currently popular materials for sustainable products, including cell phone cases, but always make sure that the environmentally friendly protective cases are made without toxic adhesives and composites

Be careful with the right fit

Basically, there are no limits to the design of sustainable cell phone cases. It can be said that with the large number of manufacturers, every style is represented and so everyone can find something that suits their taste and the mobile phone model.

Of course, you should always make sure that the ecological cell phone case really fits the smartphone. Many cell phone models sound very similar, but differ by a few millimeters in terms of width and length. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 5,8 ”display, while the iPhone 11 has a 6,1” display. This is why the following applies: Before buying, read carefully which model the mobile phone case you want fits with.

The top 10 sustainable cell phone cases

  1. Ideal of Sweden
  2. Casetify
  3. Pela
  4. Carved
  5. A good company
  6. Oceanmata
  7. Woodcessories
  9. timber traces
  10. nimble

1. Ideal of Sweden

Little Luxuries: The sustainable cell phone cases from Ideal of Sweden combine modern design with current trends such as mobile phone chain, Functionality and sustainability. Thanks to the Accessories Of Attraction feature, the covers can also be combined as desired, as they each consist of two parts and are magnetic. All are vegan, 100% cruelty-free and are delivered in recycled packaging. It is also particularly noteworthy that Ideal of Sweden supports several charities to tackle poverty, inequalities and a lack of education.

Company location: Sweden

Highlights: Accessories Of Attraction

Available for these cell phone models: iPhone & Galaxy

sustainable mobile phone cases from Ideal of Sweden

Source & Copyright by Ideal of Sweden

2. Casetify

Casetify is one of the best-known manufacturers of conventional (plastic) cell phone cases and has now ventured into a collection of sustainable cell phone cases. These consist of biopolymers, starch and bamboo. This makes them biodegradable and leaves no toxic by-products when composted. The company also plants a tree for every sustainable cell phone cover it sells. Also nice: the mobile phone case can be customized with up to 15 characters. Unfortunately, there are only cases for iPhone models.

Company location: Hong Kong

Highlights: Individualization of the phone case possible

Available for these cell phone models: iPhone

sustainable mobile phone cases from Casetify

Source & Copyright by Casetify

3. Pela

Jeremy Lang, the founder of Pela, grew up in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, where oilseed flax cultivation is flourishing. After the production of flax oil, flax straw remains, which gave Lang the idea of ​​using these fibers to produce a biodegradable, fully compostable cell phone cover. Pela is now one of the best-known providers of sustainable cell phone cases and also donates part of its sales to non-profit environmental organizations.

Company location: USA

Highlights: Diverse styles and suitable for most mobile phone models

Available for these cell phone models: Google, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei

sustainable mobile phone cases from Pela

Source & Copyright by Pela

4. Carved

Carved obtains the wood used for its cell phone cases from sustainable forestry. The company also often uses old wood (from houses, boxes, etc.) or burl bulbs (growths on trees) for production. The Elkhart, Indiana-based company has been making sustainable wooden cell phone cases since 2012; wallets, wristbands and wireless chargers are also available.

Company location: USA

Highlights: Every wooden phone case is unique

Available for these cell phone models: Samsung & iPhone

sustainable mobile phone cases from Carved

Source & Copyright by Carved

5. A Good Company

The Swedish company's sustainable cases a good company consist of the waste products of the regionally grown linseed plant. The cases are 100% biodegradable. The company also plants one tree for every cell phone case sold. The designs are also very varied. Also great: The company claims to operate in a CO2-negative manner, meaning it removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits.

Company location: Sweden

Highlights: Company is CO2 negative

Available for these cell phone models: iPhone & Samsung

sustainable mobile phone cases from a Good Company

Source & Copyright by A Good Company

6. Oceanmata

The phone cases from Oceanmata In addition to protecting smartphones, we should also pay attention to the plastic problem in our oceans. The biodegradable covers are available in different designs for different sea creatures. Oceanmata works with aid organizations, for example to support coral reefs or to free dolphins from captivity. For every product sold, Oceanmata removes 1kg of plastic from the ocean. On the website you can see the exact composition of the sustainable and environmentally friendly mobile phone cases.

Company location: Germany

Highlights: Collaboration with aid organizations to protect marine life

Available for these cell phone models: iPhone & Samsung

Coral colored phone case in the sand

Source & Copyright by Oceanmata

7. Woodcessories

The phone cases are made with exclusively natural materials Woodcessories produced. From wood, to compostable organic materials made from wheat and straw residues, to slate and quartzite, the manufacturer offers a diverse selection of sustainable mobile phone cases. Woodcessories relies on high quality and environmentally friendly materials. For example, only wood from sustainable forestry is used. The use of natural materials means that each product is unique. For the individual touch, Woodcessories offers different chains and cords for the flexible Mix & Match experience. In cooperation with Trees for the Future, a tree is planted for each product sold, thus compensating for CO2.

Company location: Germany

Highlights: Mix & Match cell phone chains

Available for these cell phone models: iPhone, Samsung & Huawei

Two cell phone cases made of wood and stone in the forest

Source & Copyright by Woodcessories


The German brand relies exclusively on plant-based and compostable materials for its products. This is what cell phone cases are like GREENCASES & CO. Made from biodegradable plastics and wheat straw. The cell phone cases have a plastic feel, but they don't wear out so quickly. The product range includes cases and cord cases in different colors, AirPods cases and power banks.

Company location: Germany

Highlights: Disposal possible in your own compost or in organic waste

Available for these cell phone models: iPhone & Samsung

Sustainable iPhone case

Source & Copyright by GREENCASES & CO.

9. Timber traces

The phone case from timber traces is made of cork. With the natural properties of cork, it offers a robust product that lies non-slip in the hand thanks to the natural surface structure. The cork is obtained from sustainable cultivation. In addition, cork scraps are also used for a really low-waste production. Finally, the cork is handcrafted into a mobile phone cover. Unfortunately, the Timbertraces mobile phone cases are currently only available in one design: We hope to have more choices in the future.

Company location: Germany

Highlights: Natural material you can touch

Available for these cell phone models: iPhone, Samsung & Google

Cork phone case in front of wall

Source & Copyright by Timbertraces

10. nimble

Instead of relying on natural materials, it is used nimble old water bottles or old CDs for your sustainable mobile phone cases. Products that have already been used are recycled and created into a new product. According to the manufacturer, the sleeves made from old CDs should be particularly scratch-resistant and ideal against yellowing. With every delivery, nimble also sends a free parcel label to send old cell phone cases to you. In this way, the covers that are no longer used are spared from the rubbish and recycled responsibly. In return for your commitment, you will receive a discount on your next purchase.

Company location: USA

Highlights: Responsible product life cycle

Available for these cell phone models: iPhone

Transparent phone case on CDs

Source & Copyright by nimble

Conclusion: checklist for sustainable mobile phone cases

  1. Consists of renewable raw materials such as bamboo and cork, bio-plastic, sustainably cultivated wood or alternatively made from recycled plastic
  2. Made with non-toxic adhesives and composites
  3. At best has a certification with regard to climate neutrality and / or environmental compatibility

Modern gadgets with individual looks

Every smartphone benefits from a cell phone case. On the one hand, of course, for the obvious reason that cases protect the smartphone from dust and falls. On the other hand, many people use cell phone cases as a gadget and fashionable accents to give the smartphone a fresh look. In the long run, the single color of the smartphone is a bit boring, which is why sustainable cell phone cases are ideally suited to giving the cell phone a blob of individuality and modernity as well as increasing its long-term use.


Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around sustainability.

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