Green Future Club celebrates its anniversary: ​​10 years Green Product & Concept Award

The application phase for the Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award 2023 is running - this is what the organizer Green Future Club is planning

Green Future Club
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  • 10 Years Green Product Award & Green Concept Award Anniversary Edition
  • Applications for sustainable products, services and concepts are open until November 07.11.2022th, XNUMX
  • Green Future Club offers, among other things, exclusive access to networking, co-creation and investment opportunities

This year the Green Future Club, a network of sustainable industry experts* with the aim of transforming the economy, is presenting two sustainability awards for the 10th time: The Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award. More precisely, the Green Product Award honors products or services that are characterized by sustainability, innovation and design.

The club offers both start-ups and established companies the opportunity to use the services of the Green Future Club once they have been nominated. Next to that he draws Green Concept Award the best concepts for sustainable products that are not yet on the market and is open to students and graduates.

When does the application deadline end?

The final submission deadline is November 07.11.2022th, 14. If you hesitate, you still have the opportunity to apply in peace. And in XNUMX categories. These range from the world of work and fashion to interior & lifestyle or architecture & tiny houses to mobility, beauty and building components. However, it is worth applying early: participants will receive free interim feedback from the jury before the nominees are selected. This gives you the opportunity to optimize the award submissions if necessary.

By the way, this year the jury was able to recruit new experts as members. Among them Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna (Head of Sustainability IKEA), Peter Michel Heilmann (WholistiQ Holding), Sven Fischer (Luwe GmbH), Gabriele Cavallaro ( and Leonne Kuppen (Yksi Expo). In addition, Haus von Eden co-founder Melodie Abdollahi is once again on the jury.

A decade of promoting sustainability: design highlights

The future-oriented products and concepts that the Green Future Club has shared with the public over the past 10 years offer some inspiration. A highlight: theRefill Deo” by Swedish designer Erik Ebberstein, which won the Green Concept Award in 2016. This promotes sustainability efficiently and on a daily basis by providing instructions on how to make deodorant yourself and is sent with a reusable wooden deodorant stick.

Green Future Club Press 1

Source & Copyright by Green Future Club | Refill deodorant

Another excellent concept that received the Green Concept Award in 2019 is the Ecocapsule. A mobile tiny house that uses solar panels and a wind turbine to create natural energy Is provided. It can collect rainwater independently and filter water from natural sources. Since visionary ideas like these are more relevant than ever, it is not surprising that the Ecocapsule is a success on the market today.

Green Future Club Ecocapsule

Source & Copyright by Green Future Club | Ecocapsule

In 2020, Desserto decided to a vegan leather made of cactus fibers, won the Green Product Award "New Materials" for itself. Since then it will innovative material used by established players in the luxury segment, including Amber Valetta for Karl Lagerfeld and Givenchy. And in 2022, the manufacturer Vank was able to win a Green Product Award, this time in the "Interior & Lifestyle" category, with a product made from recyclable natural fibers. Vank panels are made of hemp and flax and are suitable materials for acoustic panels due to their lightness and ability to absorb sound.

Green Future Club DESSERTO

Source & Copyright by Green Future Club | DESSERTO

What are the advantages of the Green Future Club community?

There are new functions in the submission portal for the anniversary of the sustainability awards. Users can link their profiles directly to a company or university profile and write their submission, including information for the jury, in just one language - German or English.

It is also possible to submit a membership application for the Green Future Club directly via the portal. The advantage: members benefit from the exchange of knowledge, networking, co-creation, access to talent and investment opportunities, and up to 50% off award submission fees.

What offers can participants expect?

What else awaits you? The Green Cells programme, a project co-founded by the IKEA Foundation, will support young designers in developing and refining their sustainable concepts. A preview of the talent that will actually be nominated will also be presented at Dutch Design Week from October 22nd to 30th in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

As a partner of the Greener Manufacturing Show, taking place in Cologne on November 9-10, the Green Future Club is also organizing and curating an industry-meets-design exhibition area and preparing a club event during the European Space Agency-supported New Space Economy Forums in December.

The official announcement of the nominees will also take place in December: On December 07.12th. From this point in time, the public vote and the decision of the jury on the category best will take place by January 2023. The award ceremony and winners' ceremony will follow in March 2023. With Green Product Award Initiator Nils Bader as a member of the advisory board of the Sustainable Innovation Conference on March 23, selected start-ups and graduates can also take part in the Venture Lab Pitches on March 23.

Green Future Club: 10 years of commitment to sustainable transformation

10 years German Product & Concept Award are a reason to celebrate. While the development of sustainable projects still played a subordinate role for the majority of all industries in 2013, sustainability has become the focus of many designers and companies today. This change is largely due to change makers and initiatives such as the Green Future Club. The cross-industry networking of different actors and the appreciation of sustainable pioneers therefore promises an important contribution to the sustainable transformation of the economy this year. And thus the transition from non-sustainable products and services to sustainable ones.


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