Christmas decorations made of wood: decoration ideas for a sustainable Advent season

Wooden Christmas decorations bring warmth and comfort into your home - discover the most beautiful ideas and inspiration for making your own

Wooden Christmas decorations

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Every year during the Christmas season, decorations come out to make it yourself cozy. From tinsel to wreaths and Christmas trees. It looks nice, but unfortunately every year a lot of decorations end up in the trash after being used. To be less wasteful this December, consider wooden Christmas decorations. You can even make these yourself at home. We'll show you some ideas and what you need for them.

Christmas decorations made of wood: That's why they are particularly sustainable

Wooden Christmas decorations are not only particularly popular because they convey a certain connection to nature, especially at Christmas time. The warm brown tones also reflect warmth and familiarity. In addition to aesthetics, rustic Christmas decorations made of wood also have advantages in terms of sustainability:

  • Wood as a renewable raw material: Wood is a renewable raw material that can be obtained through sustainable forestry. Trees can be replanted to replenish the population, contributing to sustainable use.
  • Biodegradable: Unlike many plastic materials, wood is biodegradable. When the crafted wooden decorations are no longer needed, they can easily be recycled or composted without harming the environment.
  • Energy efficient manufacturing: Manufacturing wood products often requires less energy compared to products made from other materials such as plastic. This helps reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Longevity: High-quality wooden decorations can last a long time, especially if they are well cared for. They can be reused year after year, reducing the need for new decorative items and therefore reducing resource consumption.

5 great ideas for sustainable Christmas decorations made of wood

Making your own wooden Christmas decorations can be very easy. With the right tools and wood from the forest or a craftsman's shop, you can transform simple pieces of wood into beautiful Christmas decorations. Of course, it is still important to pay attention to sustainably produced wood. You can rely on all certifications such as the FSC or PEFC.

1. Firewood angel

You often only need very few items to make Christmas decorations. For a firewood angel, for example, you need:

  • Log of wood as the body of the angel
  • A nail
  • Optional: white color
  • Glue or adhesive strips
  • A wooden ball, or something else round that fits the proportions, for example a Christmas tree ball
  • Wire or white, sturdy paper for the wings. You can find a template for the large size of the wings here.

The wooden ball can be painted white or left natural, then it is attached to the log with a nail. The flights are cut out of paper or formed from wire. Then attach them to the round side of the log. The result is a rustic wooden Christmas decoration that is as simple as it is stylish.

2. Wooden stars

For this craft idea you need either sustainably produced wooden clothespins or simple wooden sticks from the forest. The clothespins can be assembled into their individual parts beforehand; the wooden pegs can be sorted by size before use in order to get a uniform circle. The individual parts are placed together in a circle. A beautiful wooden coaster for candles or cups is ready.

3. Wooden candle holder

For this you only need tall pieces of wood about 15-20 cm high with a diameter of 10 cm or more. You can get creative with your choice of wood, either a straight wooden stump or a slightly more rustic piece of wood. You also need a hole saw to convert the logs into candle holders. You can then place tea lights or larger candles in the holes to create a rustic wooden Christmas decoration.

4. Christmas decorations made from old wine crates

A very simple way to make Christmas decorations out of wood is to set up wine boxes in which you then place Christmas decorations. Fairy lights are particularly suitable for this, as Christmas decorations made of wood with lighting create a homely atmosphere. Lamps, tea lights, or even small Christmas figures that you already have at home are also suitable for filling these boxes.

5. Christmas village made of wooden pallets

This idea is suitable for DIY enthusiasts: old wooden panels are split in the middle along the short side. In order to get a step into the village, you can also shorten the front side of the pallet a little. With an electronic saw you can then carve small houses out of the individual wooden panels and optionally paint them. Lighting is also suitable here to give the wooden village a little life.

Sustainable Christmas tree alternative made of wood

Of course, every Christmas decoration includes a Christmas tree, but most of them are very bad for the CO2 balance. The reasons for this are the chemicals or pesticides used and long transport routes. One Christmas tree alternative is a Christmas tree made of wood. It can be repositioned over many years and still looks natural and cozy in the room.

The wooden tree

Source & Copyright: Der Holzbaum

Environmentally conscious shopping: Where can I find sustainable Christmas decorations made of wood?

If you don't want to make your own wooden Christmas decorations, you can of course also buy them. Local craft markets, for example, are ideal for this purpose. They usually have sustainable wood for crafts or already finished Christmas decorations.

Organic shops and shops that specialize in sustainable products also often offer a selection of environmentally friendly Christmas decorations. Of course, there is also a Christmas market nearby. Rustic Christmas decorations made of wood are offered here, as well as suitable wooden objects for making your own Christmas decorations.


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