Puristic minimalism by Alix Lawson

Historic classicism meets modern minimalism - The creation of elegant restraint

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At the age of 23, the exceptional British designer Alix Lawson had already found and run the award-winning interior design firm Lawson Robb. Then, in 2018, she founded her new interior lifestyle brand Alix Lawson. Her style is characterized by clear lines, simplicity, texture and timeless design.

Minimalism is the trend of 2020: With us, Alix shows how you can bring minimalism into your home in style.

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My 4 insider tips for a minimalist living room

1. tone in tone

Use colors tone on tone. This is one of my favorite methods for designing minimalist spaces. Because it's an easy way to do that Living room To give rest.

We recently used this technique in our Notting Hill project by overlaying neutral tones. With the help of different textures as well as materials we have increased the depth of the tones, for example by using marble plaster on the walls.

2. Less is more

Regardless of how much space is available, always pay attention to a small number of furniture. Start with a statement piece, such as a bespoke sofa or coffee table, and design your living room around the object. This will prevent the room from being filled with unnecessary furniture.

set up minimalist

3. Try out a room divider

Room walls or panels can optically create essential “living zones” in an open space. In doing so, you can design an inviting and cozy living room that does not compromise on minimalist aesthetics.

4. Lighting is everything

In my opinion, light is a very important decorative element to create an atmospheric ambience as different light sources create diverse atmospheric room climates. Variation is essential, for example through lamps, wall lights or built-in lighting in furniture.

Sometimes this aspect is neglected as we focus more eye-catching decorative accents. We therefore love to hide lighting in our projects because they give rooms a “glow effect” which does not unsettle our minimalist design but makes it look even gentler instead.

Interior design trends for 2020


A real industrial and cultural movement towards simplicity is observable already. Luxury is increasingly leaning into a Wabi-Sabi orientation: A return to more appreciation and care, as well as less consumption and the preference of local and natural sources of supply and materials.

The step towards simplicity and natural minimalism is a reflection of our new zeitgeist.


set up minimalist

Linen, rattan, stone and other natural materials are currently the highest authority in terms of interiors.

Specifically, beautiful white backdrops for interiors. Beautiful white colors or textures enable your furniture, artwork and accessories to stand out and speak for themselves.

The trend of disposable fashion, art and style has come to an end and people are returning to a more timeless approach

I personally work with artisans and artists to create unique pieces. People prefer fewer, but more special pieces with a longer lifespan. Personally, I never really felt connected to the concept of tradition, but I am constantly reinventing my own routine and rituals.

Wanderlust as a source of inspiration

I mainly get my inspiration from nature. I grew up in Australia, where interiors and exteriors constantly overleap and nature is at the heart of what we do.

Days on the beach with a view of the sea and the wide sky have greatly influenced my design approach. I have always had a slight nomadic spirit and traveling is my favorite hobby.

The mantra: life and peace

Kenji Yoshida's works have a special place in my heart. My mother has worked with him for a long time and I have always appreciated his special spirit. Japanese minimalism is therefore one of my greatest design inspirations.

Kenji was also the first living artist to receive a solo exhibition in the British Museum's Japanese galleries. He was and is a true icon and I have always loved his mantra: life and peace.

My next steps

My next step is one Lifestyle-Brand to create. That is why we are currently working on our extension to product design, which should reflect the aesthetics of our studio. My vision is to give as many apartments as possible with my personal minimalist touch.


Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around Sustainability.

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