New Work: Sustainable office furniture in the office and what to look out for

In times of New Work, positive impulses count in the office and home office - sustainable office furniture plays a major role

Sustainable office furniture

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Sustainable office furniture is becoming more and more important. Because they ensure a natural and calming working atmosphere that places great value on well-being and health. The aim here is a long-term improvement in performance. In times of new work Movement means that sustainable office furniture and the associated furnishings at home and in the office are playing an increasingly important role.

How do you recognize sustainable office furniture?

Natural and recyclable materials

With it furniture is classified as sustainable, the material should be as climate-neutral as possible. In addition, the inventory should be designed for recycling. This means that the individual components of the piece of furniture are easy to disassemble. Thus, one can use the recyclable Materials separate from the non-recyclable.

type of energy source

When manufacturing the raw materials, you can also make sure that the company primarily relies on renewable energies. A closed water circuit is one of the best sources of energy.

harmful substances

One of the best-known pollutants is VOC. These are volatile organic compounds, including hydrocarbons, alcohols and organic acids. They get into the room air as soon as solvents evaporate and liquid products dry. Is the VOC concentration too high in an interior space can cause irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes.

Long durability

A piece of office furniture is always particularly sustainable when items do not have to be re-manufactured. Therefore, it is advisable to use them for as long as possible. Repair-friendly constructions and a long-term supply of spare parts ensure an extended service life of a piece of furniture.

Social responsibility

In addition to environmental protection, the term sustainability also goes hand in hand with human rights. A sustainable product was manufactured under fair working conditions. In addition, the workplace at the production site is pollution-free and health-friendly.

Versatile adjustable and comfortable

Many possible uses promote the sustainability of a piece of furniture. This means that a new piece of office furniture does not have to be bought straight away in order to allocate the piece of furniture to a different area of ​​responsibility.

Green Earth Office Sustainable office furniture

Source & Copyright Grounds Earth

What materials are there for sustainable office furniture?

  • solid wood: Solid wood is more durable and easier to care for than compressed chipboard and is therefore more suitable for sustainable furnishing. Here you should pay attention to certifications for the wood. A list of relevant seals can be found below.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo grows up to 10 times faster than any other hardwood. In addition, it is very resistant, which is why bamboo has a long service life.
  • Hemp: Hardy hemp is naturally resistant to disease, pests, and fungi. For this reason, chemical treatment is usually completely avoided. Bamboo is therefore much more environmentally friendly than, for example, the popular cotton.
  • Steel: Steel is one of the materials that is particularly easy to recycle. Here, however, one should note that the pieces of furniture are easy to disassemble so that the materials can be separated properly.
  • Cork: The material cork is obtained from the bark of the cork oak. The special thing about this is that the trees do not have to be felled for the production. Because when harvesting the cork bark, the tree is only peeled. The bark grows back and is peeled again about every 10 years.

Buy sustainable office furniture - seal of approval

The blue Angel:

This seal is one of the most well-known seals for sustainably manufactured furniture. It places requirements on the origin of the raw materials and the manufacturing process. The seal also stipulates the usage values ​​and disposal. In addition, the requirements are regularly checked by independent testing institutes.

FSC seal:

If you choose a piece of furniture made of solid wood, you should also pay attention to FSC certification. This ensures responsible forestry, as well as a controlled processing and trade chain with ecological and social principles. In Germany, the PEFC seal is also known for this.

The Golden M:

The golden M is one of the German seals of quality. Furniture with the Golden M is free of harmful substances and was manufactured under tested working conditions and manufacturing processes. In addition, this seal checks the durability, stability, quality as well as environmental and emission standards.


Level is a European program for testing and certifying environmentally and socially responsible manufactured sustainable office furniture. It promises a comprehensive sustainability standard for furniture and is classified as a Type 14024 environmental type according to ISO 1.


The OköControl seal assures that the furniture consists largely of renewable raw materials. In addition, the wood comes from sustainable forestry in Germany or Austria.

sustainable office furniture high desk from allnatura

Source & Copyright Allnatura

Top sustainable office furniture manufacturer

      1. All nature: All nature is one of the classics among sustainable furniture. Almost all desks are made of solid wood and are height-adjustable to ensure maximum back comfort. Independent testing institutes check the material for harmful substances. To ensure that the transport routes are as short as possible, the desks are manufactured in traditional factories in Europe.
      2. memo life: Before products on Memolife appear, there is a careful examination of the environmental impact of production, use and disposal as well as their health compatibility. Pieces of furniture that already have environmental seals are given preference in the range.
      3. Mr. Lars Möbelmanufaktur: Mr. Lars Möbelmanufaktur offers solid oak tables. Careful treatment of resources and regional forestry is an important point of reference here. In the manufacturing process, Mr. Lars Möbelmanufaktur only uses natural waxes and oils to treat the wood.
      4. Racoon:Racoon pays particular attention to ecology and sustainability in its manufacturing process. The company has been climate-neutral since 2006 and recycled paper, green electricity and LED lamps are among the most commonly used utensils. The desks are made of alder wood and serve as a desk as well as a chest of drawers. They are therefore a sustainable 2 in 1 piece of furniture.
      5. Naturehome:The office supplies of naturehome promises certified wood from sustainably managed forests in organic quality. In addition, no VOC is released into the air with Naturhome pieces. The resource-saving manufacture of some products is made exclusively from sustainable raw materials. Naturehome assumes responsibility for everyone involved in the production chain.
      6. Green Earth: Grüne Erde received the INA Award for innovation and sustainability in architecture in 2021. Some desks do not require any metal connections here and are therefore perfectly recyclable. In addition, the beech wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Rent office furniture

Renting office furniture is also an extremely sustainable and attractive option for companies that want to react flexibly to their office furnishing needs. You can choose between different providers with first-class and sustainable designs and quality products. Two brands that have stood out in this area are NORNORM and Ahrend.

NORMAL is known for its modern and minimalist design that fits seamlessly into modern office environments. Renting NORNORM furniture offers companies the opportunity to equip their offices with high-quality, aesthetically pleasing furniture without having to invest in the acquisition and long-term commitment of capital. This brand places great emphasis on sustainability and quality, which is clearly reflected in its products.

Ahrend on the other hand, is an established brand with a strong tradition in the office furniture industry. It is characterized by its ergonomic solutions and commitment to sustainability. Renting Ahrend office furniture not only allows companies to use ergonomic and environmentally friendly facilities, but also to easily adapt their office furnishings to changes.

Sustainable office furniture is good for the company image

With the awareness of sustainable action in our society, the positive perception of sustainable companies also increases. In addition, not only does the well-being of the employees increase, but also that of the environment.


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