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Carpet without pollutants
Source & Copyright by Nomad

Author: Sarah-Marie Lau

Most of the standard carpets in our homes emit pollutants. Or they have led to a considerable usage of pollutants in the course of their production. What sounds abstract actually means nothing more than that many pollutants come from the carpet everyday at home, i.e. your apartment. We will show you the best materials for sustainable carpets and the most beautiful brands for organic carpets without harmful substances.

Why does a carpet emit pollutants?

A carpet that has been exposed to toxic pollutants during production will give these off in the course of its life. This happens during production as part of the processing of the fabrics. It is not uncommon for immense liters of toxic chemicals to be used here.

On the other hand, pollutants are also created by the nature of the material itself, for example inferior polyester, which is nothing other than petroleum-based plastic. But chemicals are mainly used during the coloring process, which also harms people and nature on site during production. Last but not least, old carpets make up a large proportion of landfills.

Materials for a carpet without harmful substances

That is why there are three main concepts in the production of sustainable carpets that are worth taking a closer look at:

  • Materials from recycling: Already existing materials, which come as waste products from other production facilities, are reused or recycled.
  • Material from upcycling: By Upcycling a waste product, it is given a new value. This may be done through specially developed manufacturing processes or methods that add new value to the material.
  • Natural or organic carpets: These carpets are made from natural materials such as wool, cotton, cashmere or even sisal and jute. In production chains that are consciously designed to be sustainable, special attention is paid to the reduction or complete avoidance of pollutants.

What should you look out for when buying a carpet without harmful substances?

Pay attention to the usage of the three principles mentioned above: recycling, upcycling or natural materials. You should pay particular attention to the underside of the carpets. This is often cheaply made from toxic materials. Instead, look out for natural latex as a good and natural alternative.

The 8 best organic carpets without harmful substances

1. Nomad

The design carpets by Nomad tell the story of artisans. The mixture of upcycled material and natural wool create the special look. The innovative upcycled material consists of leftovers from candy wrappers, bicycle tubes or PET bottles. The winner of the Green Product Award wants to change the image of up- and recycling in the interior industry.

Nomad Studio Upcycling Carpet Free from Pollutants

Source & Copyright by Nomad

2. Urbanara

The timeless design of Urbanara is part of the sustainable and pollution-free concept. Urbanara mainly uses natural and fast-growing materials such as untreated organic cotton, jute and hemp. Even recycled PET is used at Urbanara. The organic carpet manufacturer deliberately refrains from using intermediaries.

Organic carpet without harmful substances with decorative items

Source & Copyright Urbanara

3. 13Rugs

The German carpet manufacturer uses ROHI selvedges for this new carpet without harmful substances. New types of products with unusual designs are created through the optimized manufacturing process. The selvedges are made of high quality virgin wool. This makes the sustainable carpets particularly hard-wearing and durable.

Organic carpet without harmful substances in different shades of balu

Source & Copyright 13Rugs

4. Kashall

The Swedish carpet manufacturer is particularly characterized by its individually made organic carpets. The unique carpets are made in the factory on site. This is how Kasthall manages to reduce unnecessary transport routes. The exact amount of color can also be precisely calculated. Furthermore, the unique quality of New Zealand wool additionally reduces water and chemical consumption, as the wool does not have to be bleached.

5. Burrow

Burrow only offers 2 carpet sizes. However, with artistic and timeless design. In addition, Burrow produces its carpets according to traditional craftsmanship. This way, the carpet manufacturer promotes traditional Indian weaving techniques as well as ethically created materials.

White organic carpet without harmful substances with dark details

Source & Copyright Burrow


The animal-friendly carpets without harmful substances stand for longevity and high resistance. They are handmade from natural materials which are 100% biodegradable, such as jute and banana silk. In addition, Loomy pays particular attention to the production conditions on site. In doing so, the carpet manufacturer places high importance on the support of indigenous communities and certified weavers.

7. Kinasaad

This traditional company, which was founded in the south of Sweden in 1800, offers classic Nordic designs in premium quality. Characterized by high-quality natural materials and transparency with regard to the place and process of manufacturing. These carpets without harmful substances have also won awards, including the German Design Award.

8. GT design

The Italian brand GT Design focuses primarily on values ​​such as naturalness, durability and contemporary design. The materials and processing are selected in such a way that the carpet is no longer just decorative but also appears as an elementary piece in the room. GT Design attaches great importance to natural materials and sophisticated weaving technology for the long-term preservation of the carpets.

Living room furnished with a GT design carpet

Source & Copyright GT Design

A carpet, free from harmful substances: a must for a sustainable home

Those who value healthy living without harmful substances and who generally want to pay attention to sustainability, should definitely pay attention to their own carpets and their sustainable carpet production. Be it through the usage of natural materials, recycling or upcycling methods.

Many carpet manufacturers have developed smart and sustainable solutions for low-emission carpets. It is worth taking a closer look and choosing a brand that stands for beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly living.



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