Pantone's Color of the Year is "Classic Blue"

Pantone's Color of the Year 2020 is truly classic... "Classic Blue". The color stands for tranquility, simple elegance and timelessness

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After Pantone named the flashy - and therefore too special for many - color "Living Coral" the trend color of the year, the Color Institute 2020 is going for a calmer, less exciting one Color:: "Classic Blue". The blue tone impresses with its simple elegance and timelessness.

Pantone's Color of the Year 2020 is "Classic Blue"

It has been more than 20 years since the experts at the American Pantone Institute named "Color of the Year" for the first time. Since then, the trend color selection process has been based on in-house considerations and trend analyzes. To do this, Pantone examines the effects of color worldwide. Especially those currently in the entertainment industry, Art collections and works by emerging artists as well as the fashion- and announce the design industry.

Travel destinations, socio-economic factors and technical innovation have also been increasingly integrated into the decision-making process for several years. The Pantone trend color also reflects social and cultural movements.   

Pantone's appointment of the shade of blue as the trend color 2020 is virtually a guarantee that the color shade will no longer be indispensable to numerous wardrobes and interior furnishings by the end of the year. The trend color usually shapes the product development, product design and purchase decisions of the fashion, design and interior industry.   


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"Classic Blue" decelerates life

With "Classic Blue", it is not only possible to dress and furnish en vogue, but also to increase the well-being. Based on the trend analysis by Pantone, today's times demand consistency and reliability due to the fast pace of social and technological advance. "Classic Blue" addresses this need. The shade is associated with the boundless vastness of the evening sky, thus calling to widen the horizon, grasp clear as well as structured thoughts and take on new perspectives.

In addition, the depth of the evening sky is an expression of the desire for a secure foundation to cope with the ubiquitous advance of modern days. "Classic Blue" satisfies this desire. Classic shades of blue are instinctively perceived as calming, which is why the Color of the Year represents a welcome feeling of security. The current unrest within society is thus met with sovereignty, stability, and relatedness. It reminds us to enjoy the here and now.


The Color of the Year creates a harmonious atmosphere and joie de vivre

"Classic Blue" clearly reflects this year's challenges as well as the tranquility and serenity needed in order to overcome them. In its simple elegance, the Color of the Year therefore creates a harmonious atmosphere of confidence and brings optimism and joie de vivre with it.


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