Everything you need to know about eco-friendly paint

Besides organic paint, which is purely produced on a natural basis, Organic colors, there are increasingly new environmentally friendly colors from renowned brands. We explain what you have to pay attention to when buying

sustainable colors from farrow and ball
Environmentally friendly colours by Farrow & Ball

Queen ecru often pose challenges when it comes to attachment and sometimes your favorite color is simply not included. Another option is environmentally friendly colors. But what is behind the so-called eco colors?

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The most important facts about eco-friendly paint:

1. Low content of VOC

The addition of harmful Chemicals is of great importance when choosing colors. Environmentally friendly colors are primarily characterized by a low VOC value. VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are released as gases from paints during processing. They are therefore responsible for the violent odor of some conventional colors and can be harmful to health. Because of this, there is a legal VOC lower limit. Nowadays, however, many colors also make it far below and close to 0%.

2. Transparency about color components

Transparency about the composition of the products. That means a disclosure about the product components and ingredients. This can help consumers make purchasing decisions and build confidence in the business.


3. Low emission during production

Environmentally friendly production can further reduce the company's environmental footprint. For example, recycling, reduction of CO2 emissions and the correct disposal of chemical substances are the focus here.

4. The myth of water-based paint

Water-based paints are made by name based on water. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are free of chemical additives. Therefore, make sure to choose products that are free from harmful preservatives and solvents, such as formaldehyde, isothiazolinone or vinyl.

Sustainable colors

Source & Copyright by Caparol Icons

Brands for environmentally friendly colors

Companies that meet all of these criteria and also offer an incomparable range of colors Caparol icons, Little Greene and Farrow & Ball.


Source & Copyright by Little Greene

All products from these manufacturers have been proven to be suitable for use in children's rooms. The paints also have a very low VOC value so that no strong and unpleasant vapors are inhaled when painting. They are also free of solvents and plasticizers.

farrow & ball

Source & Copyright by Farrow & Ball

Furthermore, the environmental efforts of the traditional houses have been honored with various awards. While the German Caparol Icons was awarded the German sustainability award, the British Farrow & Ball was one of the award winners of the “Coatings Care” sustainability program. Little Greene works with the British National Trust for the preservation of the British Heritage.


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