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Ethical Home Design stands for stylish and fair home accessories which are handmade, free of chemicals and from natural raw materials

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Fairtrade coffee in a mug, organic vegetables on the plate and sustainably produced clothing on the body are already the norm. But what about Ethical Home Design for your own home? A lot has happened here too: whether bed linen, baskets, blankets and furniture - We show you the best ethical brands for your home.

The best brands for a stylish and fair home

  1. Urbanara
  2. Muubs
  3. Mischioff
  4. Kovac family
  5. Magic lines

Urbanara - Home design with cuddling factor

Urbanara offers a variety of sustainable home accessories from carpets, blankets, towels and pillows to lamps which are all made from natural materials. The Berlin-based company namely only uses natural materials and recycled materials such as PET bottles. It also places particular value on fairly produced products as their designs are made by selected manufacturers and directly sold to customers without middlemen. The end prices are also calculated fairly.


Source: Urbanara 

Muubs - Innovative and timeless

Muubs offers fair and handmade accessoires for every room of your home: cutting boards with natural wood grain, hand-made tables with charming rough edges and rustic kitchenware. The vision of the Danish company is to create honest and timeless designs for durable products that age with dignity.

eco design

Source: Muubs Interior Design

Mischioff - Ethical home design from Switzerland

Mischioff offers handmade carpets made from natural materials. They are traditionally and fairly manufactured: The preliminary work, such as spinning and dyeing, is carried out gently and by hand by a manufacturer in Naples. It is only after several months that a carpet is ready. This ethical brand also supports daycare centers to prevent child labor.

Kovac Family - Swedish design

This ethical brand mainly features furniture such as tables and chairs, but also lamps and ceilings - all made locally in Stockholm. Kovac's credo: to manufacture products with the least possible impact on the environment. In doing so, they source material sustainably and produce it responsibly as well as ethically. How does the brand do it?

They always use FSC-certified, sustainably recovered and ethically sound wood. This means that Kovac takes the pieces that furniture manufacturers would normally just throw away or burn and turn them into something useful and beautiful. In this way, all products are unique, because no two woods are the same. In addition, the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and the label is printed on environmentally friendly paper and ink.

Eco design

Source: Kovac Family

Magic Linen - Durable linen products

At Magic Linen, you will find everything your home textile heart desires: tailor-made bed linen, bathroom, table and kitchen linen, linen curtains and even linen clothing. As the name suggests, all products are made of high-quality linen, which is certified according to the OEKO-TEX standard, which means that it is free of harmful chemicals. The family company also acts ethically, sustainably and transparently. The ethical home brand, based in Lithuania, sends its linen products to 150 countries - and fortunately also to Germany.

eco design

Source: Magic Linen

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